Blinkers may help Mr De Niro

Jockey Corey Brown, when questioned regarding the performance of MR DE NIRO in Race 2 on Friday, said that the gelding was a relatively nervous horse and had raced greenly at his first trial in Singapore.

Thereafter, at the second trial, the horse had trialled with blinkers, but the horse had raced too keenly and, as such, following the trial, it had been decided to race the horse without blinkers.

He added that he had been able to lead fairly comfortably but Mr De Niro might have been distracted by In Bocca Al Lupo, who raced on his outside.

But, despite this, he felt that Mr De Niro had been slightly disappointing. Following the running of this race, he had recommended to the trainer that Mr De Niro race in blinkers as it might help the gelding concentrate better in his races.

His explanation was noted.