Breaking the code


Instead of having the traditional best-of-five-set matches, the IPTL will feature single-set matches.

There will be a maximum of 20 seconds between each point and three minutes between every single-set match, and there will also be a shot-clock.

Five single-set matches (men's and women's singles, men's and mixed doubles and past champion singles) will be played in a match tie, with two played each day.


The team that win a match tie will have four points added to their overall IPTL standings.

If the losing team accumulate more than 20 matches over the five single-set matches, they will also add two points to their overall standings.

Scoring between 10 and 19 points will still earn the match-tie losers a point to add to their standings.


Players can call for a "power point" once in each single-set match when returning a shot, which would double the point that shot earns, if successful.

The fifth and final match in a match tie also carries more weight.

If a player wins the final match but his team trails on total match-tie points, the match will continue to allow for the player to try and level the points, provided his opponent does not score one in the process.

Levelling the match-tie points would force a seven-point men's singles shoot-out, where the entire match tie could swing to his or her team.