Friday's Singapore Turf Club Stipendiary Stewards' report highlights


XIN TREASURE: Found lame near-fore, withdrawn.

HAPPY PRINCESS: Lost ground after beginning awkwardly; the Brow Roll became detached.

D'DON: Jumped awkwardly outwards; shifted in.

FAT BOBO: Bumped; raced wide throughout.

AMAZON GOLD: Inconvenienced.

I'M KOOL: Taken inwards slightly by D'DON.

DAY BY DAY: Steadied when crowded; shifted out abruptly; bled.

ART OF WAR: Shifted in and away from D'DON.

HILLBILLY BEAR: Raced wide throughout; bled.

BEST NINE: Eased when crowded approaching the winning post.


ABOVE THE SKYLINE: Began awkwardly; had to be eased.

ATOM: Bumped heavily and became unbalanced; raced keenly.

SUN DAYTON: Bumped heavily and became unbalanced; became awkwardly placed; raced keenly and steadied; held up; laid inwards, resulting in the rider being unable to ride in normal manner.

DARSHANA: Shifted in, apprentice LQ Kek was warned and reminded that he must make every effort to straighten his mounts when shifting ground.

DRAGON FURY: Shifted in.

BLACK DIAMOND: Raced wide throughout.


FLAWLESSLY: Lame off-fore, withdrawn.

HUMOR TOWN: Lame off-fore, withdrawn.

JUSTICE WORLD: Jumped awkwardly; had to be eased outwards; raced wide throughout.

BENJI'S EMPIRE: Carried out onto TO BE REMEMBERED; laid outwards; commenced to race keenly; raced keenly again.

HIGH TROJA: Slow to begin; apprentice T Rehaizat reported that HIGH TROJA was not striding out freely. Veterinary examination revealed that the horse returned lame off-fore.

SERPICO: Carried wider on the track.

CALLIDE RIVER: Raced keenly.

ADRENALINE: Steadied outwards.

BEAUTY SUPREME: Had to be restrained after racing keenly when becoming awkwardly placed.

SKY ELEVEN: Had to be steadied.


VITALLY SECRET: Restless in the barrier; became unbalanced; rolled outwards.

ADIVINO: Became very fractious and attempted to dive under the front barrier. Apprentice K A'Isisuhairi got dislodged and thrown under the front and was declared unfit to ride.

LUCIUS VORENUS: Made contact with VITALLY SECRET; veterinary examination revealed that the horse exhibited signs of respiratory distress.

VOY: Crowded on jumping; laid in and became unbalanced after making contact with HAPPY SAGA.

VICTORY COMMANDS: Jumped awkwardly outwards.

BRING MONEY HOME: Steadied; laid in; had a tendency to lay inwards in the straight and over the concluding stages; momentarily steadied.

SUI GENERIS: Momentarily steadied; raced wide.

HAPPY SAGA: Shifted in.

HOLDING FAST: Hung outwards.

DOUBLE JEOPARDY: Had to be eased approaching the 300m when disappointed for a run.


SOUL COMMANDER: Blundered on jumping; shifted in; momentarily inconvenienced approaching 400m.

FOREVER LUCKY: Lost ground when crowded; shifted out.

LIM'S RALLY: Shifted out slightly; returned having cast off-hind plate.

BARNATO: Proved difficult to settle; rolled inwards.

STIRLING: Commenced to race keenly for a short distance.

BARNBURGH LAD: Had to be eased outwards.

PLATOON: Shifted out and made contact with FOREVER LUCKY.

STARPERFECT: Had difficulty obtaining clear running over the final 200m.


LORD GRANTHAM: Momentarily crowded; raced wide throughout.

LUCKY GENERAL: Lost ground after jumping away extremely awkwardly.

FAHLA FAHLA: Raced keenly in the early stages.

JUST FOR J: Laid in; raced wide throughout; became extremely unbalanced.

ONE DOLLAR BETTER: Raced wide throughout; shifted out after making contact with ROUGH DANCE near the 400m; became unbalanced after bumping heavily with JUST FOR J; shifted out again, making heavy contact with JUST FOR J.


MESHMAKER: Examined and passed fit to race; raced wide; inconvenienced.

TAFFETAS: Shifted out when improving.


BRANKSOME: Inconvenienced on jumping; slow to begin;

RATHAUSGLOCKEL: Jumped awkwardly.

JET SET: Buffeted on jumping; laid in.

HAPPY HAPPY: Jumped outwards; eased and lost ground when racing tight.

CALIFORNIA SUN: Jumped inwards; bumped.

WONDERFUL ERA: Slow to begin.

SUPER SPUR: Raced wide throughout; bumped.

LADY TRIO: Got her head up after laying outwards and having to be eased near the 200m.

FATKID WONDERER: Jockey M Ewe was reminded of his obligations to ride his mount out fully to the end.


WINNING STAR: Slow to begin.

ARROWHEAD: Jumped awkwardly inwards.

GET GOING: Bumped; raced wide.

WOW: Jumped awkwardly inwards.


ROYAL TUDOR: Lost ground.

DRAGON KING: Buffeted.

RAPPOR: Shifted out.

EURO ZONE: Raced keenly for a short distance.