Increased sports means less events

The Olympic dreams of some athletes look set to be shattered after Games chiefs agreed to scrap a cap on the number of sports, preferring instead a limit on events.

Meeting at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco yesterday, International Olympic Committee (IOC) members agreed to drop the cap on 28 sports, voting instead to limit the Summer Games to 10,500 athletes and 310 events.

While that means sports fighting to win a coveted spot on the Summer Games programme have received a boost, existing sports with multiple events will need to jettison some disciplines to make room for the newcomers.

If sports such as baseball, softball, squash or karate are to feature, something will have to give.

When asked which events he thought the Games could do without in order to pave the way for some new ones, Canadian IOC member Dick Pound said: "Synchronised swimming... and maybe triple jump."

Any evaluation of sports and events would be done in collaboration with the sports' international federations, the IOC said.

It will decide on the events programme for an Olympics not later than three years before the opening of the Games.

Members will now brace themselves for a period of intense lobbying ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Games, with baseball and softball in particular seeking a spot on the programme.

Golf and rugby sevens join the programme for the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro. - Reuters.