Kif Toh's fall: No rider to be blamed

Last Wednesday, the stewards concluded an inquiry into the reasons for SIR FLEETWOOD falling and apprentice K Toh being dislodged approaching the 500m mark when racing between Probo Chandroso and Intention in Race 8 on June 6.

It was established that approaching the 500m mark, Sir Fleetwood, who was racing in restricted room between Probo Chandroso and Intention, clipped the heels of Intention fell, when that gelding, who had been hanging outwards for some distance before and during the incident, shifted outwards slightly when struck with the whip.

Intention continued to hang outwards for some distance after the incident. In the circumstances, the stewards felt that Intention's racing manners were the major contributing factor of the incident, and no blame could be attributed to any rider.

As such, no further action was taken.