MELISSA PINE goes 10 for 10

1 George St Pierre or Steve Nash?

I have to say Steve Nash because I don't know who...

2 Canadian beer is...


3 Beach holiday or winter holiday?

Beach holiday AAALLL the way.

Maybe because I grew up in the snow, that's why I love Singapore.

4 Serve and volley or the baseline game?

Serve and volley

5 Bruce Springsteen or Marvin Gaye?

Bruce Springsteen. I've seen him many times in concerts. He is amazing.

6 You want people to play sports because...

It proves a healthy lifestyle and provides for a healthy mind and body.

7 Tennis is better than Formula 1 because...

It is accessible to everybody. And we have the most inspiring female role models in the world.

8 Best city in Canada?

St Johns.


9 Best place you've been in Singapore?

The first thing that comes to my mind is Pulau Ubin.

10 Why the obsession with ice-hockey?

Probably because there's a lot of ice, and because it's a very cold country. A lot of it has to do with our history. We're born with it in our blood.