Spectator experience will be better

WSG: It will improve and ticketing policy to be tweaked

Some complained of ticket prices, while others were annoyed by the long queues at food stands and the fact that beer was sold out at some stalls before the second half of the Singapore Selection-Juventus fixture at the National Stadium on Saturday. 

But everyone The New Paper spoke to, after Juventus beat the Selection side 5-0, was blown away by the new world-class facility.

And World Sport Group chief executive Andrew Georgiou (right) believes the spectator experience will keep on getting better, as everyone behind the stadium gets better acquainted with the facility. 

"There are bound to be teething issues with any new venue, and the Singapore Sports Hub has five facilities, not just the stadium, and that is challenging," said Georgiou. 

"In a couple of months, Brazil will face Japan here, and from the caterer to the carpark folks and the ushers, all will get better.

"They'll understand the staffing requirements, how much beer to stock and the pressures involved with the carpark.

"But, every time we use the venue, all this will get better and better."

Dunga's Brazil will face Asia's No. 1 team Japan on Oct 14, and the Sports Hub's ticketing policy might change by the time Neymar and Co. arrive in Singapore. 

"From the ticketing perspective, we've learned a few things from Saturday's match - the top two categories were probably a little more expensive than what people wanted to pay," said Georgiou. 

While the cheapest tickets were $45 - for seats behind the goal area - the top two categories, for seats along the middle of the pitch, cost $110 and $180.  

"We will take note of that for future matches and, while the Brazil-Japan fixture is of a different level, we will adjust pricing," he said. 

Georgiou was pleased with Saturday's event, as well as the atmosphere created by the 27,388 spectators, and he is looking forward to better. 

"The event went off very well, but of course there is room for improvement," he said. 

"For 27,388 fans, the atmosphere was really good. When we get 55,000 in here, it will be amazing."  

We’ve got a great team behind the Singapore Sports Hub, people who’ve done this before in all parts of the world, and they are working hard to figure out the best systems to put in place. With each event, things will keep getting better

- and it will be a well-oiled machine. — World Sport Group chief executive Andrew Georgiou