Sunday’s Singapore Stipendiary Stewards’ Report Highlights


ROOMIE PIM: Apprentice R Rueven replaced apprentice S Noh on Roomie Pim as the latter was unable to make the weight. Noh was fined $500; buffeted and crowded; Rueven reported that Roomie Pim was not striding out freely and a veterinary examination confirmed it.

STRIDE METEOR: Jockey M Zaki replaced jockey WH Lao on Stride Meteor as the latter was unable to make the weight. Lao was fined $200; jumped inwards.

PROSPERITY STAR: Buffeted and crowded.

JAWARA: Buffeted and crowded; raced keenly.

BARGAIN BID: Jumped awkwardly inwards; raced wide.

DAZZLE: Raced wide.


HAPPY HAPPY: Blundered on jumping; raced poorly; returned lame off-fore.

CHASE: Jumped inwards; bumped; steadied; raced wide; carried wider.

PO'DE OURO: Bumped.

CANNON KING: Bumped; made contact.

KNIGHT'S CHARISMA: Made contact; laid outwards.

BONITA: Steadied inwards.

SUPER EIGHT: Laid inwards, obliging his rider to stop riding and straighten his mount on a number of occasions.


LET'S TALK NOW: Jumped awkwardly outwards; bumped.

HIDDEN ART: Bumped; fractured his near-fore fetlock and was humanely euthanised.

CONFIERO: Began awkwardly; difficult to settle, got his head up when being restrained.

TASHI: Blundered on jumping; severely crowded; rolled inwards.

GYPSY MAGIC: Jumped outwards.

XIN TREASURE: Carried outwards.

SOON YI: Carried outwards; eased; raced wide.

BREAKING VAULTS: Carried outwards and lost ground.

RUSTY BROWN: Inconvenienced; straightened wide.


GYPSY STAR: Bumped; eased; laid outwards.

OCTIVIA: Bumped.

JOHNNY HATES JAZZ: Carried outwards.

ZENA: Raced wide.

ESCALADE PEAK: Laid outwards.

MAX RESOURCE: A veterinary examination revealed that the gelding exhibited signs of respiratory distress.


HAKAMGONG: Lame off-hind; withdrawn.

CHEETAH: Began awkwardly; hampered.

KINGSLEY: Crowded; bumped.

SHENZHOU ONE: Difficult to settle; bumped and unbalanced.

FISCAL WINGS: Unable to improve when held up turning into the straight.

ENTIRELY POSSIBLE: Apprentice A Feiruz dropped his whip near the 50m mark.


CONGO ZANDOR: Lame off-fore; withdrawn.

CHINESE CULTURE: Apprentice MM Firdaus replaced Noh on Chinese Culture as the latter was unable to make the weight. Noh was fined $500.

BOGART: Examined by the veterinary surgeon and passed fit to race; made contact.

BILLY BRITAIN: Restless in the barrier, reared when the start was effected, resulting in the gelding losing considerable ground; steadied.

SMART IDEA: Jumped inwards; bumped.

BLUE LION: Bumped; shifted outwards when attempting to obtain clear running.

TO BE REMEMBERED: Jumped awkwardly outwards; raced keenly.

AWAKENED: Inconvenienced; difficult to settle; made contact; carried outwards and eased; carried wide; bled.

ABSOLUTELY: Raced keenly.

DANNY RICARDO: Difficult to settle.

PERFECT CHALLENGER: Rolled inwards; raced wide.


URBAN LEGEND: Slow to begin.

CALIFORNIA SUN: Made contact.

AFROJACK: Made contact; jockey M Ewe was reminded of his obligations to ride all his mounts out fully to the finish.

HOST THE NATION: Made contact.

DRAGON PLAYER: Made contact.

GOOD BOSS: Laid inwards.


BLOSSOMS SEQUEL: Was fractious in the barrier, put his head down when the start was effected and lost considerable ground; raced tight; made contact.

SILVER STREAK: Stood flat-footed.

CALIFORNIAN JET: Raced tight; made contact.

ROCK ESPRIT: Bumped on a number of occasions.

OZYMANDIAS: Bumped for a number of occasions; eased when racing tight.

JIMTOWN: Had difficulty obtaining a clear run over the concluding stages.


EDEN PARK: Bumped; returned lame off-fore.


EYE FOUR GET: Both hind plates shifted in the parade ring and off-hind plate shifted again after being reshod. As the plate could not be refitted again, the horse was withdrawn.

ARMADILLO: Crowded on jumping.

INVINCIBLE GOLD: Jumped awkwardly outwards; made contact.

JUBILATION: Severely crowded.

HUSSAR: Severely crowded.

ESCALATION: Severely crowded.

RUM N RAISINS: Jumped awkwardly outwards.

TOUCH ME NOT: Carried inwards.

ROSADO: Made contact.



MR BIG: Jumped awkwardly, resulting in his rider losing his near-side stirrup iron, which he regained shortly after.

WILD GEESE: Jumped outwards; bumped.

STEPITUP: Bumped; checked.


CASH LUCK: Eased when crowded.

NANDOWRA: Rolled outwards; carried wide.

CITY LAD: Difficult to settle; carried wide.

GOODMAN: Difficult to settle; laid outwards. Jockey C Brown, when questioned, said that the gelding proved very difficult to settle in the early and middle stages. Thereafter, when under pressure from the 400m mark, the horse failed to run on and disappointed.


DANIEL: Held up for a clear run between 400m mark and 300m mark.


SINGLE ACT: Jumped awkwardly outwards; bumped. Jockey M Nunes, when questioned, said that the gelding travelled well throughout. But, after being taken wide in an attempt to improve turning into the straight, the horse had only run on fairly when under pressure in the straight. His explanation was noted.

DOS EQUIS: Bumped.

SUPER VOICE: Began awkwardly; made contact; difficult to settle.

STAR RAINBOW: Made contact.

SUPERMART: Inconvenienced; made contact.

ROUGH DANCE: Raced wide; hung outwards; made contact.

HIGHLIGHT: Raced wide.


KING SAVINSKY: Bumped heavily.

NORTHERN GOLD: Bumped heavily.

NATION THEATRE: Bumped heavily; unbalanced; raced wide.

MISTER CANDY: Severely crowded; taken inwards.

FLAK JACKET: Jumped awkwardly.

ALL SERENE: Difficult to settle.