Sunday’s Singapore Stipendiary Stewards’ Report Highlights


LADY POWER: Before the field was released, Lady Power became restless in the barrier and was slow to begin when the start was effected.

MAGIC DIVA: Began awkwardly.

BIG BANG KING: Raced wide; tendency to lay inwards and proved difficult to ride. A veterinary examination revealed that the horse returned as a roarer. The veterinary surgeon also advised that Big Bang King had previously undergone corrective surgery for this condition.

RAPID REWARDS: Raced wide; tendency to lay inwards.

JAWARA: Raced wide.


MAJOR GREEN: Jumped extremely awkwardly and lost ground; raced wide.

SHANGHAI BUND: Jumped awkwardly outwards; made contact.

RED COFFEE: Made contact; proved difficult to settle; raced poorly; a veterinary examination revealed no abnormality.

INVINCIBLE MAN: Began awkwardly; tendency to lay outwards.

MR FANTASTIC: Began awkwardly.

PO’DE OURO: Slow into stride.

HEE’S EGO: Steadied.

BLACK DIAMOND: Raced wide.

FAST EDITION: Raced wide.


DANNY: Began awkwardly; made contact with his barrier gate, resulting in jockey M Nunes losing the use of his off-side stirrup iron, which he regained shortly thereafter.

BENJI’S EMPIRE: Jumped outwards, resulting in his rider becoming unbalanced; raced keenly; tendency to lay outwards.

RUBY DANE: Jumped awkwardly outwards; bumped; hung outwards; checked.

PERFECT CHALLENGER: Bumped; inconvenienced; raced wide.

COOL CUSTOMER: Steadied when crowded.

FELAROF: Inconvenienced; eased. Jockey J Powell, when questioned, said that the gelding suffered some interference near the 1,300m mark, however, then travelled comfortably. He added that Felarof worked into the race in the early stages of the homestraight, but only finished the race off fairly thereafter and was disappointing. His explanation was noted. A veterinary examination revealed that the horse returned as a roarer.

INSPIRE: Eased out of the race near the 400m mark by his rider; the veterinary surgeon reported that the horse broke his off-fore fetlock.


FALCON: On arrival at the barrier, Falcon became fractious and reared, resulting in his rider being dislodged. Falcon then cantered for a short distance before being captured. The horse was examined by the veterinary surgeon, passed fit to race and reloaded; made contact; bumped; eased; brushed.

AGUERO: Difficult behind the barrier; bumped; rolled inwards. A

BOVE THE SKYLINE: Difficult to be loaded; bumped.

GO LANCE: Made contact.

APPELLATION: Bumped; taken inwards; raced wide.

LIGN EM UP: Raced keenly; raced wide.


SUPER BIG: Brushed; raced wide.

SEMIFREDDO: Raced wide.



SEBAS: Fractious in the barrier and became cast, was taken out, examined and was withdrawn.

THE MIGHTY THOR: Drawn in the adjoining barrier to Sebas, was taken out, examined, passed fit to race and reloaded.

BRAHMA CIRCUS: Jumped awkwardly inwards;

BALESTRA: Bumped; made contact; unbalanced.

MY LUCKY STRIKE: Made contact.

LIKA TIGER: Proved difficult to settle; steadied; had difficulty obtaining clear running from the 500m mark until near the 200m mark.

MASTERMIND: Raced keenly; raced wide.

ONE UNITED: Raced wide.


BRANKSOME: Difficult behind the barrier; began awkwardly; raced wide.

MOON OF NEPTUNE: Difficult to be loaded; checked severely.

THREE WHIP: Blundered on jumping; crowded; apprentice WS Chan was fined $500 for dropping his whip near the 100m mark.

LUCKY STRATEGY: Crowded; raced wide.

HOLDING FAST: Raced wide.

NINETYSIX POWER: Tendency to lay outwards; raced tight.

FEDERER: Raced tight.


PIONEER SEVEN: Difficult to be loaded; crowded.

GOLDEN SAND STEED: Slow into stride.


CLASSIC THUNDER: Slow to begin.

CLERMONT CLUB: Began awkwardly; returned having cast his off-hind plate.

SUPER STAR: Began awkwardly; taken outwards; returned lame near-fore.

GYPSY STAR: Eased when crowded; stumbled.

STAR ACADEMY: Raced wide.

DOUBLE HOCK: Raced wide.

RACE 9 OLYMPIC ANTHEM: Jumped awkwardly inwards; bumped; steadied when crowded.


AMI: Raced keenly; raced wide. Powell, when questioned, said that although caught a little wide, the gelding travelled comfortably throughout. However, the horse failed to respond to his riding when placed under pressure in the homestraight and was disappointing. His explanation was noted. A veterinary examination revealed that Ami returned having bled.


COLLECT THE CASH: Began awkwardly.

SING ROULETTE: Jumped awkwardly outwards; unbalanced after being bumped; checked; raced wide.

DASHFUL: Bumped; returned with the saddle having slipped back during the running of the race.

STIRLING: Bumped; raced keenly; tendency to lay outwards; proved difficult to ride; shifted inwards abruptly; steadied when awkwardly placed.

XAVIO: Checked; raced wide.


BLUE SWEDE: Began awkwardly; Powell lost the use of his off-side stirrup iron near the 100m mark, which he regained approaching the winning post.

KNIGHT SPIRIT: Slow into stride.

BLACK MAGIC: Jumped inwards; bumped.

DRAGON KING: Bumped; jockey M Rodd reported that Dragon King was not striding out freely.

DRAGON KNIGHT: Lost ground at the start after being crowded.

EASY MONEY: Carried inwards; raced wide.

D’ARTAGNAN: Began awkwardly; raced wide.

PINT SIZED PRINCE: Jumped awkwardly outwards.