WS Chan, Ewe, Aslam suspended

Three riders - apprentice WS Chan and jockeys Mark Ewe and E Aslam - have been suspended for different offences.

Chan received three Singapore race days (from Feb 16 to 27) after pleading guilty to a charge of careless riding in that he permitted GOODPACK to shift inwards near the 1,400m mark in Race 7 on Jan 9, when insufficiently clear of Nation Theatre, resulting in that runner having to be checked.

Ewe copped two Singapore race days (from Feb 21 to 27) also on a careless charge. He had permitted FATKID WONDERER to shift inwards passing the 200m mark in Race 10 on Jan 11, when insufficiently clear of Wow (M Kellady), resulting in that gelding having to be checked.

In Aslam's case, he returned to scale 1kg over the declared weight that he weighed out on DRAGON KNIGHT in Race 5 on Jan 18.

Aslam pleaded guilty but there was no evidence to suggest that he had or attempted to deceive the clerk of scales when weighing.

However, Aslam admitted consuming fluids after he weighed out for the race and that this might have contributed to him returning overweight.

Aslam was handed a suspension of three race days (from Feb 11 to 20) for the offence.

All three riders were advised of their right of appeal.