Fifa might take action

Fifa could take action against Colombia's Juan Camilo Zuniga for the World Cup quarter-final challenge that left Brazilian superstar Neymar with a fractured vertebra, a spokesman said yesterday.

"The Fifa Disciplinary Committee is analysing all the elements provided, the videos and the match reports, and will decide whether or not to take action," the football governing body's Delia Fischer told a briefing.

Neymar was injured in Brazil's 2-1 win over Colombia on yesterday morning when Zuniga kneed him in the back. The Barcelona forward will miss the rest of the World Cup.

Zuniga, who plays for Napoli in Italy, has denied he intentionally sought to hurt the 22-year-old Brazilian.

"When I'm on the field I always do what I have to, to defend my country and the shirt I wear, but always without intent to injure anybody," he told Brazilian television after the game.

"This was a game that everyone wanted to win so it was hot."

The Colombian said both sides were playing to their limits.

"They (the Brazilians) were also playing physically," Zuniga said.

- AFP.

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