Follow Neil on the road to Rio


Catch Neil Humphreys in print and on screen every day with The New Paper.

From England's first game to the final in Rio de Janeiro, our man in Brazil will be offering insightful, quirky and funny news from Brazil across more platforms than ever before. And his coverage will be guided by you, the reader. Here's what you can look out for from Neil (above) and how you can get involved.

1. Following the Three Lions

Neil will be with Roy Hodgson's men all the way, giving the latest news and analysis from inside the England camp for both the Morning and Noon editions.

2. Postcards from Brazil

In his inimitable style, he will take the reader to the streets of Rio and the beaches of Brazil, getting up close with the people, sampling the samba and, preferably some unisex beach volleyball.

3. Ask Neil - An interactive Q&A video

Every day, Neil will be answering your questions in video blogs. Just tweet or e-mail your questions and he'll pick the best ones to discuss in his exclusive daily videos on the road.

4. Pick a winner - Daily punters' video guide

Ahead of all the big games, Neil will give his scientific, cast-iron score predictions by using the daftest means at his disposal. He welcomes your input on this one.

5. Gone in 60 seconds with... 
- A video interview

Neil grabs celebrities, footballers, managers and random strangers to get their thoughts on the World Cup - in less than 60 seconds.

6. Wish you were here - City snippets on video

From Manaus to Sao Paulo, he shoots offbeat videos from the cities he visits, discovering Copacabana and Sepp Blatter's top breakfast place (maybe not).

  • Whether it's submitting questions or coming up with video ideas, Neil wants to hear from you every day on his World Cup odyssey. So download The New Paper app and follow him at 
@NeilHumphreys on Twitter and help him navigate his journey around Brazil.
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