KLM deletes sombrero tweet after Mexico loss

Dutch airline KLM deleted a tweet featuring a picture of a sombrero and a moustache after Holland knocked Mexico out of the World Cup this moring (Singapore time).

The picture, posted just after the 2-1 win put Holland into the quarter-finals, also said "Adios Amigos".

But it quickly sparked a social media storm of criticism, with many saying it was racist. The offending tweet featured an airport "Departures" sign and an infographic of a sombrero, moustache and serape blanket.

"Such a Dutch tweet - just the wrong side of funny vs arrogant," tweeted another with the hashtag #mexicogate.

Other reactions were more mitigated. "It isn't right but most films show Mexicans that way, why is saying it any worse," read one. - AFP.

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