Mourinho defends Luiz

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho spoke out in David Luiz's defence yesterday, saying his former player should not be singled out for blame in Brazil's 7-1 World Cup semi-final loss to Germany.

Mourinho, who last month sold the defender to Paris St Germain for an estimated £50 million ($106m), said the whole team must share responsibility for the rout.

"I don't think it is fair to separate a player from the team, because the team were very bad," Mourinho said after the match in Belo Horizonte.

"(Did) David make mistakes? Yes, he did, but Dante made mistakes, Marcelo made mistakes, Fernandinho made mistakes, the team as a team made mistakes.

"I think everyone who is a player, everyone who is a coach, everyone who is not involved in the World Cup we are feeling really, really sorry for them.

"In 50 years' time, kids will (still) know that Brazil lost at home 1-7 to Germany."

The Chelsea boss said Brazil thought team spirit would see them through even without key player Neymar, who was injured, and suspended captain Thiago Silva.

"But it was not enough," he added. "In the semi-finals they faced a team who is better than them. A team who behaves with a fantastic stability and confidence. Everything went in (Germany's) direction."

- Reuters.

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