"I think the punishment handed out by Fifa to Luis Suarez is fully justified. Hopefully, he will realise now that behaviour of this type will not be tolerated under any circumstances."

- Fifa vice-president Jim Boyce

"Indignation, impotence, I think that's what we all feel. We'd all like a fairer world, but that world simply does not exist. Those who rule, rule, and the strong ones are the strong ones... We will carry on with humility, union, determination, recognition of mistakes, and with our heads always high."

- Uruguay captain Diego Lugano

"This is behaviour that we normally only see from animals. For me, this is the incorrect channelling of inner emotions. You saw in his previous game that he almost cried. Maybe this behaviour (biting Chiellini) is his last resort when it comes to relieving tremendous pressure and freeing himself from his tensions. That's the only explanation I have for it."

- Former German goalkeeper Oliver Kahn, who once tried to bite an opponent

"It was unfair because it could end a player's life. Four months, nine games, everyone on top of you, criticising his error. He has to be punished, yes, but I'd like to see Suarez still playing in this World Cup."

- Brazil forward Fred

"This is really bad for the World Cup, for the show, and it is really bad for Uruguay and the world of football."

- Chile forward Alexis Sanchez

"I never bit anyone, I know bites hurt. (If) my kids bite me they are punished in the dark room with the big bad wolf: That's the football equivalent of not playing football for four months."

- Former Brazil striker Ronaldo

"I think the punishment's fair. Obviously, the worrying thing for any Liverpool supporter was that
there was very little or no provocation, and the question is: Will he do it again? Liverpool have got to draw a line under this and say: 'One more indiscretion and it's over'."

- Former Liverpool defender Alan Hansen

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