Who will win?


Germany will not have a better chance of winning a World Cup. By far a better team than Argentina, and better subs to make a difference, too.

- Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand on Twitter

Germany have got what it takes to beat Argentina. Of course, the problem with many European countries is that they don’t produce enough strikers and then they come to the World Cup and they can struggle. And of course, it’s the opposite way round for the South Americans — they produce lots of strikers but not enough defenders. But that’s why I believe Germany have got the best team – because they have (Miroslav) Klose and (Thomas) Mueller, who can play up front as well.

- Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger


I think it will be a really tight game and I'm actually going for a 1-1 draw in 90 minutes and it might be decided by a bit of genius if it's going to be a win for either side.

But it's a World Cup final and teams are not going to want to lose - and the fact both could start with the same 11 shows you this could come down to fatigue. If it goes to extra time, I could see Argentina saying, 'Let's get this to penalties'. I'm saying 1-1 at full-time and Argentina to win on penalties.

- Former England and Liverpool midfielder Jamie Redknapp

The logic says Germany. They are the better team. But the fantasy lies at the feet of Lionel Messi. It is written in the stars that he will win the World Cup for Argentina.

Messi is a man on a mission to deliver the World Cup. Having said Argentina from the start, and going with my gut feeling that Messi will turn it on, I think Argentina will get lucky.

- Former England manager Glenn Hoddle

I spoke to friends before Wednesday's game against Holland and I told them I was convinced Argentina would win on penalties. They said I was crazy, but I'm not - I knew that the longer the game went on, the better chance Argentina would have to win it. And they will do it again against Germany.

- Former Argentina midfielder and now Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone

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