How they ran...


1 Clermont Club (L Allpress)

2 Confiero (O Chavez)

3 Valbuena (C Brown)

4 Rising Tide (R Shafiq)

5 Sandy Might (D Flores)

6 Prince Chapel (M Nunes)

7 Marea Negro (K A'Isisuhairi)

Margins and time: ¾, 1½, nk, ½, hd, ns (1min 01.81sec)

Prince Chapel (pacifiers) was slow into stride but made up ground quickly wide out. Rising Tide (blinkers) appeared to ease after jumping and dropped back last.

Newcomer Sandy Might led narrowly but Confiero (pacifiers) steamed up gradually on the outside and was half a length clear of Sandy Might at the 600m mark. Prince Chapel wide, newcomer Valbuena in the centre and Marea Negro (blinkers) on the inside were a length away. Then came Clermont Club (blinkers) and Rising Tide very wide.

Confiero led into the straight by only a slender margin from Sandy Might. The rest also closed in and, at the 200m mark, only about three lengths covered the first and last horses. Confiero was still in front but Clermont Club chugged home freely on the outside to win by three-quarter length.

EASY WIN: Greenstone taking Trial 2 yesterday morning. PHOTO FINISHES: STC


1 Greenstone (B Vorster)

2 Warspirit (WL Tan)

3 Soul Commander (Shafiq)

4 Silver And Gold (A Munro)

5 The Omega Man (Brown)

6 Nature Is Nature (A'isisuhairi)

7 Golden Mission (I Santana)

8 Above The Rainbow (Nunes)

Margins and time: 1½, ½, nk, ns, ½, ½, ½ (1:01.57)

The field got away evenly. Soul Commander, from the outside, got up to lead from War Spirit and Silver And Gold.

Newcomer Above The Rainbow kept progressing and got up wide to lead racing past the 600m mark by a head from War Spirit and Soul Commander. Silver And Gold was a length behind, followed by Greenstone, The Omega Man, Golden Mission and Nature Is Nature in a pack.

Above The Rainbow was joined by War Spirit and Soul Commander on straightening. The rest were right behind and fanned across the track. War Spirit hit the front at the 200m mark but was immediately challenged by Greenstone, who kicked on strongly to win by one and a half lengths. The winner, who did a nice gallop on Tuesday, is back in form.

CLOSE: Golden Rabbit (inside) beating Funca by a neck in Trial 3.


1 Golden Rabbit (Brown)

2 Funca (Vorster)

3 Inspire (Nunes)

4 Hillbilly Bear (Shafiq)

5 Chilli (J Powell)

6 Coup Da Vinci (H Amin)

7 Billy Britain (I Andy)

8 Dashing Warrior (Santana)

Margins and time: Nk, 2¼, 1¼, ½, 4, 1, 17½ (1:02.16)

The field jumped as one.

The Mark Walker pair of Coup Da Vinci and Hillbilly Bear raced to the lead. At the 600m mark, Coup Da Vinci was just slightly ahead of his stablemate. Chilli, Golden Rabbit and Funca were a length behind. Billy Britain was next very deep. A gap away came Dashing Warrior, who was having his blinkers-pacifiers test after not racing for a long time, and Inspire.

Hillbilly Bear joined Coup Da Vinci going into the straight. Funca and Golden Rabbit closed in on the Walker pair. The four horses were almost in a line at the 300m mark. Funca, who was ridden out vigorously from that point, and Golden Rabbit swept past to the lead at the 200m mark and raced away to settle the issue. Golden Rabbit won the battle despite his rider taking it easy to the post while Funca was scrubbed hard.


1 Mighty Astroboy (M Zaki)

2 Golden Along

3 Win The Day (H Syafiq)

4 Can't Touch Me (Vorster)

5 Mystical Diamond (Munro)

6 Dr Octopus (SB Ng)

7 Just A Man

8 Sting (Allpress)

Margins and time: ½, 1, nk, ¾, 3½, 1½, nk (1:02.47)

Another perfect start. Dr Octopus led by two lengths on settling down but, at the 600m mark, Win The Day cruised up on his outside. Golden Along also rushed up wider. On his inside was Can't Touch Me. A length behind were Mighty Astroby wide, Mystical Diamond and Sting on the rails.

Win The Day was first for home but only just from Golden Along darting up and Dr Octopus. Can't Touch Me was next. Mighty Astroboy was still a few lengths away. Golden Along hit the front at the 200m mark but Mighty Astroboy flashed home with big strides on the outside to beat him by half a length.