How they ran...

NEW CAMPAIGN: War Affair, who has not raced since winnng the Group 1 Singapore Guineas on May 16, winning his trial easily but was pushed in preparation for his comeback. PHOTO: STC


1 I'm Kool (K A'Isisuhairi)

2 Tequila Shot (N Juglall)

3 Prosperity Star

4 Grand Seven Seas

5 Abastor (L Allpress)

Margins and time: 11, 2, 2½, 15½ (1min 00.66sec)

A good start but Abastor (starting stall test) dropped right back to the rear. I'm Kool (blinkers) fired to the lead and was four lengths clear of Grand Seven Seas (blinkers) at the 600m mark. Tesquila Shot (pacifiers off) was two lengths away. Three lengths behind came Prosperity Star (starting stall). Abastor trailed by six lengths.

I'm Kool streaked to a seven-length lead on straightening from Grand Seven Seas. The three-year-old chestnut gelding kept widening the gap and, although being eased up in the closing stages, won by 11 lengths from Tequila Shot.


1 Rock Esprit (Juglall)

2 Super Joe (MM Firdaus)

3 Fatkid Wonderer (M Ewe)

4 Clip The Ticket (C Brown)

5 Super Five (S Noh)

6 Eye Four Get (M Kellady)

Margins and time: Ns, ½, 3¼, 5½, 1¾ (1:01.53)

Rock Esprit (blinkers) and Super Five (starting stall) jumped with the field but were slow to open up. Fatkid Wonderer and Clip The Ticket, both having their starting-stall test, were the quickest but Eye Four Get (blinkers) was pushed to join them.

Fatkid Wonderer and Eye Four Get eyeballed each other at the 600m mark, three lengths in front of Clip The Ticket, who was racing with his mouth open. Rock Esprit was two lengths behind, closely followed Super Five and Super Joe (blinkers).

Fatkid Wonderer raced ahead and was a length clear of Eye Four Get going into the straight. Clip The Ticket was right behind. Fatkid Wonderer was still a length in front at the 200m mark. Eye Four Get was already pedalling backwards. Clip The Ticket, Rock Esprit and Super Joe closed in. The two Patrick Shaw horses, Rock Esprit and Super Joe, finished well to overtake the leader. Rock Esprit won by a mere nose.


1 War Affair (D Beasley)

2 Flash Gift (Brown)

3 Alexandra Palace (Juglall)

4 Born To Fly (I Andy)

5 City Lad

6 Wild Geese

7 Cannon Hill (MM Firdaus)

8 Gold Run (I Santana)

Margins and time: 1¾, 4¾, nk, 1, 2½, 1¾, 1¼ (1:00.15)

City Lad and Born To Fly were a little slow to begin.

Gold Run was the first to break but War Affair was given a dig in the ribs to join him. War Affair then pressed ahead and was joined by Flash Gift. The pair were three lengths clear of Gold Run and Alexandra Palace on his outside. Born To Fly was next wide, followed by City Lad. A gap away came Cannon Hill and Wild Geese.

War Affair was slightly in front of Flash Gift on straightening. Gold Run and Alexandra Palace followed. War Affair was asked in the final 200m and responded. He beat Flash Gift by one and three-quarter lengths.


1 Super Kenny (Juglall)

2 Sunny (E Aslam)

3 Billy Britain (Andy)

4 Two M And M (MM Firdaus)

5 Nation Theatre

6 Golden Rabbit

7 Imperial Fighter (T O'Shea)

Margins and time: 2, nk, nk, 1¾, 1, 5½ (1:00.80)

Sunny and Billy Britain missed the start. The speedy Super Kenny raced ahead and crossed in from the outside. At the 600m mark, he was four lengths in front of stablemate Two M And M and Golden Rabbit. Billy Britain, wide out, was another four lengths behind, followed by Nation Theatre and Imperial Fighter. Sunny was last.

Super Kenny maintained his lead on straightening from Two M And M and Golden Rabbit. Billy Britain was next. Two M And M and Billy Britain narrowed the gap to three lengths at the 200m mark but Super Kenny prevailed under a hold by two lengths. Sunny came from the clouds to finish an eye-catching second.


1 Confiero (O Chavez)

2 Mister Candy (MM Firdaus)

3 Cheetah (M Zaki)

4 Hidden Art (O'Shea)

5 Shenzhou One (Saifudin)

6 Bee Ahead (Brown)

7 Swift (Beasley)

8 Matador (Juglall)

Margins and time: 5½, 2¼, 2½, nk, shd, 4, 21 (1:00.57)

Matador was squeezed out after the jump and dropped back last. Mister Candy was a little slow to begin but made up ground.

Confiero and Cheetah led by about six lengths before Confiero kicked ahead by half a length at the 600m mark. Shenzhou One, Mister Candy and Bee Ahead were 10 lengths behind. Then came Swift, Hidden Art and Matador.

Confiero led into the straight from Cheetah and it was Confiero all the way. He had streaked to a six-length lead at the 200m mark and won easing up. Mister Candy finished best to beat Cheetah for second.


1 Honkytonk Man (Allpress)

2 Dr N Wing Fighters (Juglall)

3 Multitasking (Beasley)

4 Viva Raaj

5 Ganbatte Ganbatte (Saifudin)

6 Muvuka (KB Soo)

7 Irrepressible (J Saimee)

8 Best Bargain (M Suhaimi)

Margins and time: 1¼, hd, 2½, shd, 5¼, 1¾, 4¼ (1:01.94)

A good start and a tight bunch early. Muvuka was pushed up between horses to the lead. At the 600m mark, he was a length in front of Dr N Wing Fighters and Multitasking on the inside. Honkytonk Man swept up wide to be next, a length away. On his inside were Irrepressible, Best Bargain and Viva Raj. Ganbatte Ganbatte was last.

Muvuka was first into the straight by a length and was pushed out. Dr N Wing Fighters and Multitasking were well up. Honkytonk Man rushed up. Gaining ground fast, Honkytonk Man swept past the tiring Muvuka in the final 200m and raced away to win by one and a quarter lengths from Dr N Wing Fighters.