Kranji and Kuala Lumpur trackwork


Class 3 - 1,200m: Landing North canter/38.5. America Seal canter/37.1. Awinnersgame canter/37.5. Conflience canter/37.7. Dictator canter/38.1. Q Nine Mystic canter/40. Ghost Emperor canter/38. Lee Bank canter/38.2. Cobrador 44.6. Zenidekka canter/40.1. Mr Epic canter/35.3. The Millionaire 39. Barrier practice: New World (Mutaza) 35.8, impressively.

Class 4 - 1,050m: Last Man Standing 38.4. Emperor Blitz canter/39. Righteo canter/38.2. Shining Glory canter/39.9. Chateauneuf Dupape canter/38.1. Montana Green 38.5.

Class 4 - 1,050m: Beauty Harmony canter/36.9. Birralee Road 38.7. Indian Rock canter/40.2. Tom The Cruiser canter/37.4. Golden Quest canter/40.1. It's Done Mate 41.9. Laser Guided canter/40. Happy Flying (Low) 37.1.

Class 4 - 1,400m: Mystic Fighter and Storm Through (Class 5 - 1,200m) canter/38.7. Ghost Cry (HS Gill) canter/36.9. Kingfighter 38.8. Thundering Angel canter/36.9. Surprise Surprise canter/38.1. Sister In Law (KP Lim) 41.2. Moscato canter/42.5. Our Friendly Diva canter/38.2. Philip canter/39.7. Waterfall canter/38.4.

Class 4 - 1,400m: Excuse My Friends canter/38.5. Fumio 38.1. Chengho 43.3. Ramifications 41.2. Sea World canter/38.7. Street Cat canter/38.7. Black Rain canter/36.4. Fox Treasure canter/38.1. Qi Power canter/38. Reaching 43.6. Jet Ace canter/37.

Metro D - 1,800m: Kim Warrior (Burnett) canter/37. Generous Tycoon canter/43.6. Man Of The World canter/38.5. Little Man canter/38. Lucky Lamborgini canter/38.

Class 5 - 1,200m: Big Gallant (LL Tai) beat Jeram Clipper (AK Lim, Class 4 - 1,400m) by three lengths to clock 34.7. Big Thing (Burnett) canter/38.7. You Never Know canter/42.4. Glory Star canter/38.5. Bowen Boy and Delightfully (Class 5 - 1,200m) canter/39.2. Amazing Grace canter/38.9. Unme 40.2. Rock And Stone 39.5.

Class 5 - 1,200m: Pretty Dwarf canter/40.9. Rainbow Future (AK Lim) canter/41.2. Taramis (Mutaza) 43.5. I Told You (Hanif) 37.9. Twelfth Avenue (Low) canter/37.3. Gold Card canter/36.3. Desert Soul (Burnett) canter/41.5.

Class 5 - 1,200m: Jet Cosmo canter/42.8. Royal Show 35.1, looking well. Hush Hush canter/44.1. Plenty In Hand (SU Lim) 38.3. Suburban Secret 41.5. Kim Salute (Burnett) canter/40.7. Black Coffee (Goon) canter/37.9. Makemeamillion canter/37.8. Haha Babe 37.5.

Maiden (Open) - 1,600m: Maiboy Lollipop canter/38.9. True Heritage (Low) 39.5. Power In Hand canter/39. Q Nine Star canter/37.4. Bowen Lad canter/38.1. King Of Tower canter/41.6. Fill My Pocket (SU Lim) 38.2. Duel Of Honour (Faizal) 35.9. Sir Challan 36.

- NST.