Kuala Lumpur and Penang trackwork


Class 3 - 1,200m: Dictator canter/40.9. Mr Epic canter/37.4, looking well, The Bank canter/37.8. The Millionaire (Goon) 37, impressively. Generous Tycoon canter/38.9. Ocean Fortune 37.

Class 4 - 1,300m: Masquerain canter/40. Rainbow Easy (AK Lim) 37.4. Bukit Bintang canter/35.6, keenly. Makemeamillion canter/38.2. Gold Star Princess canter/38.8. Jazz It Up canter/38.6.

Class 4 - 1,300m: Qi Power and Gold Star Winner canter/38.1. Sonic Blast canter/39.5. Sister In Law canter/40.6, looking fit. Saya Boleh 35.5. Glory Star (De Souza) canter/40.2. Laser Guided (HS Gill) canter/39.5. Billy Boyu canter/38.7.

Class 4 - 1,300m: Happy Amigo (De Souza) canter/40. Perfect Time 38.3. New Kuala Dipang (SU Lim) 36.6. Not My Fault canter/35.5. Big Thing (Burnett) 44.8. Jalan King and Kingship Admiral canter/38.6. Good Jump canter/37.2. Rise Up The Rank canter/37.1. Bowen Boy canter/39.7.

Class 5 - 1,100m: Bull Shot (SU Lim) 36.6, keenly. Prince Nano canter/39.7. Conflourish canter/40.8. Amazing Grace canter/38.5. Toshi Toshi canter/38.7. G Strategist and Costamialot (Class 5 - 1,500m) canter/37.6.

Class 5 - 1,100m: Oasis Charm canter/38. Good Friend canter/39.9. Admiral Delight canter/44. Rainbow Future (AK Lim) 37.8. Champagne Rose 39.8. Secretly Hidden 40.5. Arcanine and Moxie Moxie canter/38.7.

Class 5 - 1,100m: Penlora (KW Lee) 37.8. Black Coffee (Goon) canter/38.2. Easy Ahead 37.9. Metallica canter/40. Jetpot (Aizat) 44.1. Smart Assassin 37.9. Super Coco canter/37.5. Shimbashi 41.5.

Class 5 - 1,500m: Kim Salute (Burnett) and Little Rainforest matched strides in 37.5. Cavorting canter/37.4. Jeram Strike (AK Lim) 37.2. Red Carpet 39.3. Lucky Lamborgini (De Souza) 38.7. Sam Houston canter/38. Prinzio (KW Lee) 39.9. Vigour canter/38.9.

Class 5 - 1,500m: Biggest Chief (SU Lim) 36. Desert Soul (Burnett) canter/39.7. Precious Diamond (Low) and Well Beyond (Class 5 - 1,500m) cantered one round each and then went together in 39.9. Perfect Fixer canter/39.7. Turf Daisy (SU Lim) 39. Big Sur and Opportune Time (Class 5 - 1,500m) canter/38.7. Fox Demand canter/38.1. Rumours canter/38.9. Lee Choice (Aify) canter/42.1.

Class 5 - 1,500m: Such A Good Time (Burnett) canter/37. Plenty In Hand 41.4. Fox Call canter/37. Tycoon Castle 38.8. Little Man 40.6, looking well, Thunder Man 38.9. Tubay canter/39.


Combined Classes 3 & 4 - 1,600m: No Uncertainty (M Leong) canter/36.3. Lightning Thief canter/34.5. Sir Rally canter/38.7, keeping form. Divine Power (Salee) canter/34.9. Mogan's Pride 42.5. Syce Cracker trot/36.7.

Class 4 - 1,200m: Alien canter/34.6, in good shape. Good Power (Razali) canter/36.3. Speed Flying (Shafrizal) 35.8. Megatron (Salee) canter/38.7.

Class 4 - 1,200m: White Pillow (M Leong) canter/36.8. Aussie Son 37.6. Good Meaning (How Yang) canter/36.8. Speed Man 40. Lee's Surprise (Salee) canter/35.3. Yoyo 38. Epic Encounter canter/34.9.

Class 5 - 1,300m: Baby Polo (Eirwan) canter/40.8. Freedom Bell (Razali) 37.4. Distant Glory (Yusoff) canter/37.1. Honest Man (How Yang) 39.1. Bale 43.6. Cabrebra 35.4. Glory Betting canter/36.5. Good Timing canter/41.

Class 5 - 1,300m: Runforit (Jasmin) canter/39. Black Ahead (Shafrizal) 41. D'Ultimate Keeper 37.1. Colourland Kid canter/37.1. Night Shadow (How Yang) canter/36.8. Lee's Melody canter/40. Coconut (M Leong) canter/37.1. Reel Schmick canter/34.5.

Class 5 - 1,300m: All Nice 39.9.

Class 5 - 1,300m: The Sunbelt 40.2, keeping form. Ghost Buddy (Shafrizal) 44.5. Dragon Star canter/38.7. Speed Train (Jasmin) 37.4. Cash Man 38. Oil Town Captain (Yap) canter/37.1. Perhaps canter/43.5. Little Giant (Shafrizal) 40.5. Decisive 38.4.