Malaysia trackwork


Metro 71+ - 1,100m: California Cat (Bukhari) 41.9, looking fit. Mr Ambassador 37.2. Terada 36.7. Colin The Firth canter/36.4. Feisty Leo (Low) canter/38.8, in fine trim. Niceone 38.1. Power Of Lee (HS Gill) and Mystic Fighter (Metro C - 1,400m) canter/40.1. Barrier practice: Ocean Fortune (Faizal) 36.3, impressively.

Metro C - 1,400m: Dictator canter/38.9. Booky Boy 38.5. Hush Hush canter/38.1. Qi Power canter/38.3. King Of Seal and Ghost Emperor (HS Gill, Metro C - 1,400m) canter/45. Barrier test: St Kazak 36.4, slowly away.

Metro C - 1,400m: Tears To Diamonds canter/40.1. Ace Surprise 42. Fumio 36.6. Bukit Mas canter/39.1. Stealth canter/41.9. Golden Quest 37.9. Black Is Power canter/37.9. Barrier test: Noble Four (Aify) 36.4.

Metro C - 1,400m: Q Nine Mystic and Big Surprise (Class 5 - 1,400m) canter/38.1. Snow Mountain 38.3. Keepitconfidential (Aizat) 40.8. Sister In Law 42, keeping form, Alacarte canter/37.9. Laser Guided canter/41.2. Barrier test: Kim Ability (Low) 36.2.

Metro C - 1,400m: Indian Rock canter/37.3, looking fit. It's Done Mate 41.7. Darmore canter/40.

Metro D - 2,000m: A Perfectionist 38.2. Generous Tycoon canter/40.4. Illusionist beat Inter Reward (Metro C - 1,400m) by three lengths to clock 38.3. Duel Of Honour (Low) 39.6. Sir Challan canter/41.2. Fill My Pocket (Hanif) canter/42.3. Barrier test: Man Of The World (Aizat) 36.1.

Class 5 - 1,400m: Big Thing (Burnett) canter/40. Cavorting canter/39. JP Summer canter/45. Desert Soul (Burnett) canter/44.

Class 5 - 1,400m: You Never Know canter/45. Kobe Top Gun 44. Don'tcallme Uncle (Low) canter/36.9. Rainbow Future (AK Lim) canter/39.9. Amazing Grace canter/36.8. Blue Delago (Low) canter/37.1, looking well. Rock And Stone 38.9.

Class 5 - 1,400m: Kim And Dragon canter/42.4. New Classmate canter/37.7. Dynamic Trio canter/42.3. Taramis and Unme (Clasas 5 - 1,400m) 37.9. I Told You (Hanif) canter/39.9. General G (AK Lim) 38.9. Haha Babe 37.3.


Class 4 - 1,200m: Joyful trot/40.8. Luxurious Choice 36.7. Little But Fierce (Wan) 41.8.

Class 5 - 1,200m: No Time To Wait 41.2.

Class 5 - 1,200m: Scott Free 36. Decisive canter/41.8. Super Coco 41.2.

Class 5 - 1,600m: Ninetyfive Power trot/41. Tell Jericho 37.8. Stub 36.2, in good shape. Oracion 38.9.

Class 5 - 1,600m: Mr Magic 36.2. Waverider trot/36. Tubay 40.2. - NST.