Stray bullet at equestrian venue causes panic

A stray bullet cut through the plastic roof of the equestrian media centre yesterday morning (Singapore time), alarming journalists and underlining concerns about the host city's ability to guarantee security at the world's largest sporting event.

No one was injured in the incident.

The equestrian venue is sited next to a military complex, though police are still trying to discover who fired the bullet and from where, a spokesman for the Rio 2016 organising committee said.

"It was a stray bullet and has nothing to do with the Games," Mario Andrada said at a news conference, adding that security around the venue had been increased as a precaution.

Defence Minister Raul Jungmann was in the area accompanying the investigation team and would return the next day, a spokesman said.

Dozens of police and troops patrolled the streets en route to the equestrian complex.

The area was not evacuated.

Some of the world's most expensive animals are housed nearby, and the dressage phase of the eventing competition was being held just a few metres away.

The bullet struck at around 1pm Brazilian time on Saturday, when the press room was crowded at the end of a lunch break. - Reuters.

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