Rising rookie looks to next year's title

Unheralded before his first ride aboard Leave Me Alone on March 21, which he won, Kif Toh had skyrocketed through the log with winner after another until the unfortunate accident cruelly stalled the meteoric rise.

The riding double Toh bagged on that fateful day on June 6 had brought his tally up to 11 wins, only six behind current leader Noh Senari at the time, a score which had given the Yishun boy realistic dreams on the ultimate prize, being just before the halfway mark in the season.

"I was actually starting to think about the championship, but it's all over now. It'll be for next year, I hope," he said wistfully.

"I'll go home and rest now. I will start doing some physiotherapy and I hope to be back riding sooner than the six months the doctor said I would need.

"My boss Michael Clements has given me full support during these difficult times. Even though he was busy, he visited me during my first days at the hospital and sent me to surgery.

"My parents and my elder brother will look after me now. In the meantime, I hope not to get too bored at home, and will continue watching the races on TV and do my homework.

"I spoke to Mr Clements and he told me to come back and help out at the stables whenever I feel fit enough. After that, I hope to be back riding as soon as possible."