Singapore Football

Fandi and Sundram back together

Without a doubt, the highlight of the Veterans' showdown is the reunion of Fandi Ahmad and V Sundramoorthy, two legendary Singapore attackers who set pulses racing in their heyday.

While the duo have not spoken to each other about how they are going to tear apart the Selangor Veterans' defence tonight, they are both looking forward to playing with each other again in the 40-minute exhibition match.

Said Fandi: "We don't have to shout to communicate. Just reading each other's eye contact and movements, and we'll know how the other wants the ball to be played."

Sundram added: "It's always been enjoyable to play with old teammates like Fandi and for sure we will try to score again.

"It will also be a good time to catch up with our old friends and rivals from Selangor. We may be older now, but I can assure you we are still as competitive as ever."