Singapore Football


"You can call us Dad's Army, Old Women's Navy, we don't care. We have to take it in our stride."

- Tampines chairman Teo Hock Seng, on whether he would be bothered if people called his team Dad's Army, a label thrust on the 2004 Tampines team featuring veterans like Nazri Nasir, Rafi Ali and Mirko Grabovac

"Wherever I go, everyone's telling me: 'Eh, you got a good coach, you know?' From the valets at the hotels to the gardener at the greens, to the groundsmen, to a taxi driver."

- On new head coach V Sundramoorthy

"Now, we have a coach with brains and b***s. There are no females here, I can say what I want."

- Again on Sundram

"You bring a foreign coach here, he has to learn the culture, tolerate the stupidity and complications of handling a local football team, and he has a lot of problems."

- On why he preferred Sundram over a foreign coach

"This year, we won't be playing in the Charity Shield. But I think in 2017 there will be no Charity Shield, because we will win both (S.League and Singapore Cup), so we don't need to play."

- Expressing confidence in his team's ability to win honours

"With due respect, look at my team and look at those teams."

- On what makes Tampines' promise to challenge for honours different from other S.League teams who have also aimed high

"You go and play a Chinese team (in China) in February, when the temperature is 23 deg C... How can you expect our fellows eating nasi lemak and lontong every day to play there? Come on."

- On the gap between S.League clubs and Asia's best, after Singapore champions Warriors FC were beaten 3-0 in their Asian Champions League qualifier against Chinese club Guangzhou R&F on Tuesday

"The papers always label Tampines Rovers as a "giant". We're not. Giant is a supermarket. We are highly spirited. Can you change it to that? Giant is where you buy toilet paper, five rolls for $1."

- Joking about how he would prefer the Stags to be referenced in the press