Singapore Football

One too many subs for turtles?

Terengganu made three substitutions during the match last night, but did they unwittingly make another before the match kicked off?

The team list, signed by both teams' coaches and managers, as well as the match commissioner, indicated Nor Farhan Muhd was supposed to be on the pitch.

However, it was substitute Ahmad Nordin who took to the field during kick-off.

If the change indeed counts as a substitution, then Terengganu would have made one substitution more than the rules allow, and the LionsXII could be awarded the match.

LionsXII manager Visakan Subramanian confirmed he had included this controversial incident when he filed his match report that will be submitted to the Malaysian Super League.

But Terengganu coach Abdul Rahman Ibrahim was confident there was no rule infringement, and said: "We made a change because of injury.

"But that is not considered a substitution, although we would have six players on the bench instead of seven."