Advantage Australia


  • Extra day of rest
  • Used to the climate
  • Familiar with the pitch as they've played there
  • No fuss or disruption this week about travelling or moving to a different hotel
  • High scorers - beat Kuwait 4-1 and Oman 4-0
  • Captain Mile Jedinak to return from injury
  • Home support from a likely sell-out crowd

Australian coach Ange Postecoglou believes his team have an edge in fitness, so the longer the match goes, the better.

"We were finishing pretty strongly in all the games, really strong," he said. "From my perspective, we'll be confident if it goes to 90 minutes, 120 minutes or penalties. We have got fuel in the tank."


  • Of their three wins, two - a 2-1 success against Uzbekistan and a 1-0 triumph over Saudi Arabia - came in Brisbane, so they will also be accustomed to the conditions
  • China have won their last two matches against Australia, including a 4-3 triumph in the 2013 East Asian Cup.
  • Australia are four places below China in the Fifa ranking

China's French coach Alain Perrin is worried about penalties, fearing the home supporters could have an impact on the match.

"A lot of fans will come to the stadium to support them, Australian fans may be affecting the decisions of the referee." - Wire Services.