Here are some excerpts from Perarnau's book Pep Confidential

Pep Confidential: The Inside Story Of Pep Guardiola's First Season At Bayern Munich (above) is out now in paperback and ebook published by BackPage Press and Arena Sports. PHOTO: BACKPAGE PRESS


"The day after beating Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-final, Guardiola and (Manuel) Estiarte (Guardiola's personal assistant) travelled to Manchester to watch their next opponent in action.

"It was May 4, 2011, and the pair sat together in the stands of Old Trafford watching Sir Alex Ferguson's team beat Schalke 4-1... Pep had turned to his friend and said, 'I like this atmosphere. I could see myself coaching here one day'.

"Guardiola has always felt a deep admiration, almost veneration, for the legendary teams and players of Europe."


"It is October 2012 and in New York, Maria, Marius and Valentina, Pep's three children, are still struggling to learn English and adjust to life at their new school. The Catalan coach's phone is ringing off the hook with job offers.

"(Txiki) Begiristain's Manchester City are still keen, and very insistent. (Roman) Abramovich is deploying all his charm. He wants Pep and is prepared to mould the team to his specifications. The Germans, too, are determined, although their pitch is slightly lower key and to the point.

"It is now that, in one of their FaceTime chats, Guardiola tells his friend and colleague, 'Prepare yourself Manuel. I've chosen Bayern'."


In October 2012 in New York, Guardiola had chatted with Garry Kasparov about how to attack the adversary in chess and other sports, and Kasparov had told him: "You wouldn't attack in the same way from a mountain top as you would from wide open countryside."

Guardiola had also dined in New York at the end of 2012 with Ferran Adria, the gastronomic genius who was about to close his restaurant El Bulli.

The chef told him: "Pep, you're more than a coach, you're a great innovator."

The coach had responded: "Look Ferran, all I do is look at the footage of our opponents and then try to work out how to demolish them (in actual fact he used a rather more prosaic and somewhat obscene term).

"All I do is study my arsenal of weapons and pick the ones I need for each occasion."


"Pep always likes to see the whole match and we load it on to his computer as soon as the match is over.

"He might then look at the whole game or watch the particular moves we've categorised, either player by player, or by type of move, or under different tactical headings.

"He'll also find my notes there, both details from the match and specific things we've agreed to watch out for.

"As well as getting the match broken down like this, Pep likes to review the match himself and he produces his own analysis."


"One night I'm accompanied by Patricia Gonzalez, the very young coach of the Azerbaijan Under-19 women's team. During the dinner, Pep gazes at her and says: "Patricia, I'll give you some advice: always pick the good ones. Always!"

"The young coach then asks him a really good question. "Pep, who are the good ones? Is it the most famous players?"

"No. The really good players are the ones who never lose the ball. Those who know how to pass it and who never lose it. They are the good ones. And that's who you must always use, even if they are lower profile than the rest."


"I got it wrong, man. I got it totally wrong. It's a monumental f***-up. A total mess. The biggest f***-up of my life as a coach," screamed Guardiola after Bayern were thrashed 4-0 for a 5-0 aggregate loss to Real Madrid in this year's Champions League semi-finals.

Among Guardiola's mistakes were changing his tactics to a more attacking formation and moving Philipp Lahm from midfield to right back.