Poyet: Beware of Uruguay's 'tricks'

Gus Poyet has told England's players they are "too nice" and warned Uruguay will try all the tricks in the book to come out on top of Group D at the World Cup.

England's match against the South American outfit is their second in the pool and the contest is likely to prove pivotal in deciding who progress to the knockout stage in Brazil.

Poyet, who earned 26 caps for Uruguay as a player, admits his countrymen will do whatever it takes to get the right result against Roy Hodgson's side on June 19.

"Whatever it is, to stop you, to win the game, we do that and we are proud of that," the Sunderland manager said.

"We will play that game. We won't accept that you are better than us. I won't accept that you are better than me.

"If you're better than me, I will find a way to stop you - I'm not going to accept you're better than me because if I do, I lose.

"I think that's a way you win more than you lose - if you just play the game and if you are worse you lose, then you don't want to win more than me."

Uruguay's star player Luis Suarez was at the centre of controversy at the 2010 World Cup when he deliberately prevented a goal with a handball on the line in the last minute of extra time in the quarter-final against Ghana.

Suarez was sent off, but the resulting penalty was missed and Uruguay prevailed in the shoot-out to reach the semi-finals.


Poyet says English football needs to get tough and believes Suarez did nothing wrong four years ago.

"Are England too nice? Yes, without a doubt," Poyet added, speaking at the launch of ITV's World Cup coverage.

"I know that for you a handball on the goal-line is cheating.

"It's not for us - it's part of the game.

"If I'm the last man and you're running and I pull your shirt and you go down and I get sent off - is that cheating? No, it's not cheating.

"I know it was massive in England but that's a surprise for us - he saved it, he was sent off, it was a penalty.

"It's worse for us when you do something that no-one sees, like punching someone, but a handball on the goal-line is a handball on the goal-line."

- PA Sport.