Reflections on the ref

(Martin) Atkinson was very, very poor... (Jose) Mourinho was correct.

Four major decisions in that game Atkinson got wrong... I can't recall such a bad performance. Earlier in the season Atkinson had a poor performance of a similar nature, but this one topped it.

- Former referees' chief 
Keith Hackett

Challenge by (Ashley) Barnes on Nemanja Matic, nothing given - for me correct.

In super slow-mo it obviously looks awful, but in real-time live and DVD, Barnes catches him as follow through from the challenge. (Does Barnes mean harm? Only he knows) Also looks worse because Matic has his foot planted.

- Referees' assessor Steve Greaves, who said Martin Atkinson got all the key decisions correct

A refereeing performance in a Southern Mediterranean or South American country like Martin Atkinson's... would have started accusations of corruption...

Look at Atkinson... and you see a man fatigued. Just back from a trip to Germany where he focused on performing to get to France 2016 he looked tired and lethargic. After all it was only Chelsea v Burnley.

He missed blatant offences which, if he were at his best, he would not have.

- Former EPL and Fifa referee Graham Poll (above)

I have to agree with him (Jose Mourinho). I think Martin Atkinson had a terrible game.

- BBC pundit Alan Shearer (above)

He had a terrible game, the referee... (Ashley Barnes) could have broken his (Nemanja Matic's) leg, his natural reaction is to get up and push him. He absolutely got it wrong... He couldn't be in a better position. He failed to give two stonewall penalties, as well.

- Sky Sports pundit Paul Merson