is the right man'

Former Arsenal midfielder David Hillier told talkSPORT the club's fans must be careful what they wish for as pressure mounts on Arsene Wenger.

A 2-3 defeat by Stoke City saw the Frenchman receive verbal abuse from supporters on a train after the match as they called for him to vacate the Emirates hotseat.

But Hillier has warned them they risk seeing the club lose stability if they bring a new man in to replace Wenger.

He said: "He's the right man for the job at the moment. If they bring someone else in, it will be really difficult for the club.

"A new manager might want to put his own stamp on the club and change things which I don't think the directors and the big guns at the club would accept.

"If anything, I think Arsene Wenger will take on a directorship role and have someone underneath him in the future. But I can't see that coming soon and I personally don't want to see it just yet."

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