What a home

The Lions will make the new National Stadium their "den", playing all their home matches at the venue. Here's what they can expect.


Even though the new National Stadium was built to cater to four sports - football, rugby, cricket and athletics - football will be its heartbeat.

And when 55,000 football fans pack themselves into Kallang, the roar produced will be deafening.

The stadium's iconic retractable dome roof means the ambience inside will be amplified.

This will mean a Kallang Roar like never before.


The front tier of the stands at the facility can be moved forwards or backwards to three different positions, depending on the type of event being hosted.

For football matches, the stands will be moved as far forward as possible, which brings it to about just 10 metres away from the pitch.

Any closer and spectactors in the front row will be in danger of stepping on the linesman's toes as he works the touchline.

For romantics, the lack of a verandah-style stands - which the old National Stadium had - might take some getting used to.

But being so close to the action means a match experience like no other.


When national players like Khairul Amri, Delwinder Singh and Sahil Suhaimi toured the stadium's facilities yesterday, they behaved like excited schoolkids on a field trip.

Who could blame them?

Even ex-Lions like S Subramani and Aide Iskandar, who played over 100 times for the country, gave their thumbs up.

The changing rooms are connected to a spacious shower and a jacuzzi which has hot and cold bath facilities.

Said Mani: "The changing room is about double the size the old one. Plus, there's a shower.

"At the old national stadium, you had to leave the changing room to go and take a bath!"