Sunday's Singapore Stipendiary Stewards' Report highlights

TWO-HORSE DUEL: Klever Warrior (apprentice Troy See) getting up on the inside to pip Sea Of Love in Race 8 on Sunday. - TNP PHOTO: BENJAMIN SEETOR


OASIS SPUR: Slow into stride after jumping awkwardly; raced wide; apprentice J See reported that the gelding had returned with his saddle having shifted back during the race; confirmed by the veterinary surgeon.

GOLDEN RABBIT: Raced keenly; got his head up after becoming awkwardly placed.

CHILLI: Rolled outwards.

PALOMBARO: Raced wide; bled.

D'ARTAGNAN: Apprentice Z Zuriman reported that D'Artagnan was not striding out freely.


POWER LIN: Jumped awkwardly outwards; made contact.

UNIQUE ONE: Made contact; bumped; taken inwards in order to obtain clear running.

SUPER SIX: Bumped; hung outwards.


JUST DUIT: Hung outwards; tendency to lay inwards.

LITTLE LION: Returned cast off-hind plate.


FLYING WILD: Dipped on jumping.

WAR LORD: Jumped awkwardly; shifted outwards abruptly.

PATERSON ROAD: Inconvenienced; raced wide; shifted inwards abruptly.

CALLIDE RIVER: Eased; made contact and unbalanced; bumped; eased when crowded.

FOREVER LUCKY: Made contact and unbalanced; bumped.

ALADDIN: Carried inwards.

LIVE IN HOPE: Tendency to hang inwards.

BILLY BRITAIN: Laid inwards.


OCEAN DREAM: Fractious in the barrier; exhibited signs of heat stress.

TOU SHOU BRIGHT: Crowded; jockey S Sam reported that the gelding had returned with his saddle having shifted back during the race.

MISCHEF LOVE US: Jumped awkwardly outwards.

MINGS MAN: Carried outwards; eased.

TROPPO FORTE: Dipped; rolled inwards.

HOLDING FAST: Restrained outwards after racing up onto the heels of Mings Man.

MASTERMIND: Raced wide.

HENRIETTA: Made contact.

GEESON MASTER: Inconvenienced; showed no pace despite the urgings of his rider in the early and middle stages; checked; made contact. Apprentice K A'Isisuhairi, when questioned, said that it was the gelding's first start on the turf and the horse was reluctant to stride out despite his urgings in the early and middle stages. He added that despite racing greenly, the horse ran on well in the straight and made up ground quickly. However, over the concluding stages, he had to check his mount outwards after racing up onto the heels of Mastermind, who was giving ground. His explanation was noted.


IKING: Began awkwardly.

INSPIRE: Raced wide.

BEAUTIFUL WORLD: Raced keenly; returned lame off-fore.

VERGLATICA: Held up and unable to improve approaching the turn into the straight.

LION BAROWS: Inconvenienced.

SMART IDEA: Carried outwards.

DANCING TSURU: Jockey CW Brown, when questioned, said that although he worked a little bit in the early stages, his mount travelled well in the backstraight. But, when he commenced to place his mount under pressure from the 800m, the horse failed to respond and gave ground in the straight. His explanation was noted.


FLUTZ: Slow to begin after jumping awkwardly.

HIDDEN VENTURE: Jumped inwards; made contact; raced keenly; got his head up when being steadied; returned not striding out freely.

BIG HEART: Slow into stride after jumping awkwardly; made contact.

ALWAYS A WINNER: Raced wide; laid outwards.

DRAGON PLAYER: Laid inwards.


FOREVER AHEAD: Began awkwardly outwards; made contact and lost ground; bumped.

CLEVER BRIGHT: Made contact.

FAMOUS N FAST: Stumbled after being bumped; made contact; bumped again.

ARATIATIA: Jumped awkwardly outwards; bumped; steadied.

SPLICE: Made contact.

NAAZ: Bumped.

SILVER AND GOLD: Bumped; inclined to lay inwards; bumped and unbalanced; tendency to overrace.

WASSAIC: Rolled inwards.

DRAGON NINETYNINE: Had difficulty obtaining a clear run over the concluding stages.


THREE KINGS: Lost ground after beginning awkwardly; returned not striding out freely.

SEA OF LOVE: Began awkwardly; bumped; made contact.

ABOVE REACH: Bumped; made contact; unable to secure a clear run between the 500m and the 300m.

SUPER STAR: Bumped; steadied when racing tight.

MARINE PARK: Crowded and lost ground; raced wide.

ATIAMURI: Inconvenienced.

KLEVER WARRIOR: Raced tight.

TRIPLE GOALS: Rolled inwards.

ROYAL BRAT: Apprentice R Shafiq will be questioned regarding the riding of Royal Brat over the concluding stages.

INCREDIBLE HULK: Returned not striding out freely. Apprentice H Syafiq will be questioned regarding the run of the horse.


HAMMER DOWN: Jumped awkwardly; raced keenly when being steadied.

LOYAL FRIENDS: Lost ground after blundering on jumping.

MARSEILLE ROULETTE: Jumped awkwardly; made heavy contact.

GOOD LOOUKEN: Jumped inwards; bumped.

RAISE NO DOUBT: Made heavy contact; laid outwards. Before the correct weight was declared, jockey J Powell requested to view the race video with a view to considering lodging an objection. After viewing the video, he believed that there was insufficient grounds to lodge the objection and the "All Clear" was declared.

GATO NEGRO: Raced wide; laid inwards; carried outwards.

CHEETAH: Eased; rolled outwards.

GREENSTONE: Bumped inwards; eased.


WHAT'S DAT: Slow to begin; jockey N Juglall reported that What's Dat was making respiratory noises.

JACKPOT: Bumped; steadied outwards.

ZAC SUGGESTION: Bumped; eased; taken outwards in order to obtain clear running; inconvenienced.

PANAMA CITY: Bumped; made contact.

SACRED CITY: Made contact.

NEW YORK CITY: Had difficulty obtaining complete clear running between the 400m and the 100m.

SUPER VOICE: Rolled inwards.


GRAND SEVEN SEAS: Jumped awkwardly inwards; returned cast near-fore plate.

JUST FOR J: Slow to begin; inconvenienced.

RORY: Carried outwards; got his head up when being steadied.

DAHLHAUS: Extremely difficult to settle; had to be restrained after racing up onto the heels of Yourstokeep; eased when awkwardly placed.

CODIGO: Carried wide; a veterinary examination revealed that the horse returned not striding out freely.

BENJI'S RULE: Carried wide; returned cast off-fore plate.

YOURSTOKEEP: Steadied outwards.

LESOTHO PROMISE: Shifted inwards abruptly when struck with the whip.