Sunday’s Singapore stipes’ report highlights

SMART DEBUT: Kam’s Comet (far left) beating fellow newcomers Divided House and Mr Whitaker (centre) in Race 2 on Sunday.


BRINGITHOME: Bumped; tendency to lay inwards.

READY FORTUNE: Bumped; apprentice CK Ng dropped his off-side rein after passing the 50m mark, which he regained shortly thereafter.

HARDEN UP: Jumped awkwardly inwards; bumped; raced wide.

SIMPANG: Bumped.

FEI YUE: Began awkwardly; checked.

EASY EASY: Checked; crowded; eased.



INCANDESCENT: Jumped awkwardly inwards.

KAM'S COMET: Carried inwards; raced wide; laid outwards.

MR WHITAKER: Made contact on two occasions; raced greenly. Prior to the "All Clear" being given, jockey M Rodd requested to view the race video with a view to considering lodging an objection. After viewing the video, he believed that there were insufficient grounds to lodge the objection and the "All Clear" was declared.

DARSHANA: Made contact; raced keenly.

STEED EXPEDITE: Jumped awkwardly; steadied.

DRAGON HIGHNESS: Jumped awkwardly; checked.

DIVIDED HOUSE: Laid outwards; made contact.


PINYIN: Stood flat-footed as the start was effected; raced wide.

PRINCE MAG: Bumped; inconvenienced.

SINGSURAT: Bumped; raced keenly.

PRECIOUS GEM: Had difficulty obtaining clear running from the 400m mark until near the 50m mark.

GALAXY EXPRESS: Shifted outwards abruptly.


HANDSOME BAB: Jumped awkwardly; inconvenienced.

MINGS MAN: Jumped awkwardly inwards; laid outwards.

GREAT BALLS OFFIRE: Jumped awkwardly; held up and unable to improve between the 500m mark and the 300m mark; veered inwards sharply, obliging his rider to stop riding and straighten his mount.

DANE'S ANATOMY: Jumped awkwardly.

REGAL SALUTE: Raced keenly; eased.

WONDERFUL ERA: Eased when racing keenly and awkwardly placed.

SPEED MACHINE: Raced wide.


STAGE BRIGHT: Jumped awkwardly.

SILVER FLY: Carried inwards.

FABER HEIGHTS: Jumped awkwardly; made contact; had a tendency to race keenly and got his head up on a number of occasions.

TWODOLLARMUPPET: Made contact; hung inwards; bumped.

JIM: Held up and unable to improve between the 550m mark and the 300m mark; laid outwards.

ABOVE THE HORIZON: Disappointed for a clear run; taken outwards to obtain clear running passing the 200m mark. Prior to the "All Clear" being given, jockey TH Koh requested to view the race video with a view to considering lodging an objection. After viewing the video, he believed that there were insufficient grounds to lodge the objection and the "All Clear" was declared.



GENUINE BARGAIN: Began awkwardly; bumped; raced wide; hung outwards badly.

LUCKY SIX: Bumped.

STREET RUFFIAN: Made contact.

SARAWI: Made contact; raced wide; carried wider.


GUILTLESS: Jumped awkwardly inwards; made contact; bumped; raced keenly.

INVICTUS: Made contact.

BEAUTY ADMIRE: Bumped; returned having cast his off-fore plate.

MR CONNERY: Raced keenly; held up for clear running from the 500m mark until approaching the 300m mark; tendency to lay outwards; rolled outwards; bumped.

OVER EASY: Raced wide; bumped.

OZYMANDIAS: Hung inwards, resulting in his rider not being able to ride his mount out in his normal manner.

CAN'T TOUCH ME: Raced poorly; no abnormality.


HEAR ME: Slow into stride.

SPECTA DILEMMA: Overraced; steadied.

CHUNGHUA: Raced wide; steadied.

CALIFORNIA SUN: Rolled inwards.


DAVIDE: Raced wide; difficult to settle.

DUJARDIN: Raced wide.

THUMPING: Apprentice K A'Isisuhairi dropped his whip near the 200m mark.


KNIGHT SPIRIT: Slow to begin; crowded; eased.

CLUTHA LAD: Jumped outwards.

OM: Raced keenly; bumped on a number of occasions; unbalanced; inconvenienced; raced keenly again; bumped again. Jockey M Nunes, when questioned, said that after being caught wide with no early pace, he elected to go forward. However, after racing tight approaching the turn into the straight, OM disappointed and failed to run on. His explanation was noted. The veterinary surgeon reported that the horse returned lame near-fore.

WORLD WAR: Bumped several times.

POWERNOVA: Carried outwards; bumped saddle shifted forward passing the 700m mark, placing his rider at a disadvantage for the rest of the race.


IMPEL: Bled.


MONT BLEU: Jumped awkwardly inwards; bumped.

VITALLY SECRET: Bumped on two occasions.

OCEAN GENERAL: Jumped awkwardly outwards; made contact.

SING ROULETTE: Made contact; rolled inwards.

INVINCIBLE GOLD: Bumped; unbalanced.

EXCELLENT MAGIC: Carried inwards.

COOL CAT: Steadied.

CONVICT: Steadied.

WILKINSON: Raced wide; jockey WH Lao reported that Wilkinson was not striding out freely; a veterinary examination revealed that the horse returned lame off-fore.