Team Singapore

'I'd rather beat Newcastle than Coe'

Which is your favourite marathon other than London, and why?

STEVE CRAM: New York City, because I've run it plenty of times and the atmosphere is fantastic.

Is it true that running a marathon is more of a mental than a physical challenge?

Both, because first, you have to be physically prepared to run 42km. And then the rest, it's all in your head.

What do you miss most about the sport after retiring?

At first, I missed the competitive nature of running but, now, I just miss being fit.

Who was your biggest track rival?

Sebastian Coe. I've had some great rivalries, but Coe was the hardest to run against.

If not track and field, what sport would you have been good at?

Football, without a doubt. Sunderland are my team. My uncle was a professional footballer for West Brom many years ago, and it pretty much runs in the family.

So who would you rather beat? Sebastian Coe or Newcastle?

Newcastle! I no longer have to beat Seb any more, we're good friends. But Newcastle and I will never get along.

When will England win the football World Cup?


How good were you in your studies?

I was pretty good, until my last year in school. I was always a good student, but sometimes a whole new world opens up for you and, for me, that was running.

What is the best thing about being a commentator?

Well, it's the next best thing other than running, because you're actually part of the event, so that's the good part.

And the bad part?

The bad part? Well, everyone wants to hear his name on television and, when the commentator forgets your name, it's heartbreaking. I was a runner myself, I know how that feels.