What the SIA Cup contenders did...


Galloped on the turf track under race-rider Soo Khoon Beng, reeling off the last 600m in 37.3sec on turf.

"He had his regular gallop, just the way he likes it, and I have to say he was a lot more relaxed today. I'm very happy with that run," said trainer Desmond Koh.

"His job is done and I'll just give him an easy time from now on."

Soo echoed Koh's satisfaction when he said he could feel a different City Lad under him.

"He felt really good this morning. Normally, when he gallops on the Polytrack, he is too keen and I have to hold him and he would do 36sec," said Soo.

"Today he was a lot more relaxed and, hopefully, he is the same on raceday. He is giving me great confidence he can put in a good run."


All three horses trotted over 500m and then cantered over one and a half laps (about 2,200m) on the Polytrack.

"It's the same workout they've been doing all week," said trainer John Moore's son George, who has been overseeing the trio's preparations so far.

"It's just about keeping them happy. Happy horses will run well. That's all we're trying to do when we travel, keep the horses happy and relaxed.

"They look good. I might weigh them later to see how they are but, visually, they look like they're gaining weight and doing very well."


After Slew Of Lode came out for his hit-out on Tuesday, it was Johnny Guitar's turn to get busy on the turf track yesterday, galloping up a treat under race-rider Barend Vorster to clock 35.2sec. Slew Of Lode had a rest day.

"I'm very happy with Johnny Guitar's run, and so was Barend," said trainer Patrick Shaw.

"He felt good, ran over 1,200m, picked up from the 600m and, in the last 400m, Barend gave him a tap on the hindquarters. That's it for him, he will have a day-off tomorrow.

"Slew Of Lode had a day-off today and will come out for some light work tomorrow."


First serious piece of work since arriving in Singapore last week. Galloped over 800m on turf under work rider Martin Pearson, running the last 600m in 34.2sec.

"It's the best he's looked since I got him in December," said trainer Doug Watson, who was present at trackwork. "I'm extremely pleased with him today. We've had him every day on the bridle.

"It's his last piece of work and it was just an air opener. He went over 800m and I couldn't really time him from where I was standing but I think he would have done around 49sec for that.

"We'll hand-walk him tomorrow and maybe just a light canter of one and a quarter (2,000m) on Friday and Saturday. All his work is done and Martin has done a good job on him.

"I don't think we need to do anything else for him. All his work was done in Dubai and we'll just keep him fresh from now until the race."


Trot and canter on Track 4 under track rider Abigail Harrison with trainer Jane Chapple-Hyam on hand to watch her ward work at Kranji for the first time.

"He's travelled good, lost only 5kg and has already put them back on," said trainer Jane Chapple-Hyam.

"Today, he just had a trot and canter on Track 4, and he will probably do two canters tomorrow.

"(Race rider) Damien Oliver gets here on Thursday and he may want to ride him on Friday. If he does, then he will just go for a canter on the grass track - just some even time, just to get a feel of him.

"It won't be a full-on gallop as he just had a run in the Earl Of Sefton, which he won again, about three weeks ago. So, all his work was done back home, he had a perfect preparation."


Steady canter on Track 4, up and down under track rider Leanne Masterton.

"He again had two steady canters down that Polytrack. Very happy with him," said Masterton.

"He'll go for a gallop tomorrow."


Hand-walked in the sand ring for around an hour.

"Today was just a walk for around an hour at the back," said trainer Darrell Vienna's son Chris.

"He pulled up good after his gallop yesterday. It's all systems go now."


Cantered one lap on the Polytrack under track rider Patrick Lemagny.

"He cantered again on the Polytrack but went a little quicker than yesterday," said Lemagny.

"He can a bit cheeky when he's alone on the track. He hates shadows.

"He will come out again for the same routine, just to get the rust off and maybe have a pipe-opener on Friday. All depends on the boss."


The final international horse to arrive on Tuesday morning, the Japanese-bred five-year-old entire did most of his work on the in-field sand track (Track 5), where he trotted two laps, followed by an easy canter over another two laps. Finally, he completed his workout with a good canter over one lap on Track 2 (Polytrack), finishing off the last 600m in 45.8sec.

"He's been eating well and is in very good condition," said trainer Hisashi Shimizu. "I'm very happy with him and everything's going well.

"The jockey (Hirofumi Shii) will arrive this evening and he will take over his work from tomorrow. He will gallop him tomorrow as well."


Galloped on Track 6 with senior track rider James Peters up, clocking 38.4sec for 600m.

"He is a light-framed horse and does not need to be overworked," said trainer Michael Freedman.

"James Peters just asked him to quicken up the last 400m. It was a nice piece of work and it will be just a matter of ticking him over until Sunday."


Trotted and cantered on Track 4 with senior track rider Mick Lockett aboard.

"Today was just a quiet day for him. He had a trot and canter on Track 4 and everything's in good order," said trainer Steven Burridge.