45% back NLB stand: Poll

Many Singaporeans are unaware of the debate over the National Library Board (NLB) removing three children's books from public libraries.

And among those who knew of it, less than half supported the move, a poll shows. The poll by the Government's feedback unit Reach found that four in 10 of the 843 citizens surveyed knew nothing of the debate, which occurred after the NLB received complaints that the books were not "pro-family".

But of the six out of 10 who were aware of the controversy, 45 per cent supported NLB's move, while 28 per cent disagreed. And 23 per cent declared themselves neutral on the issue.

Just over half of all respondents agreed that books promoting values that are not in line with traditional family values should not be made available in the children's sections.

Reach chairman Amy Khor said the results "remind us that there are still issues that are divisive and can fracture us as a country".

She added: "It is therefore important not to let these divisions deepen and tear us apart... Let us discuss this rationally and find a common ground that we can agree on."