Both victim and bullies need help

Victims of bullying often feel blame, shame and guilt.

"It is humiliating for the victim. There is a high chance that the victim will suffer from mental and emotional trauma," said Dr Carol Balhetchet, senior director for youth services at the Singapore Children's Society.

Victims may end up blaming themselves for the attacks, asking themselves what they did wrong.

"The victim needs to speak to someone who can help her put things in perspective, to understand that it is not her fault," she said.

"If she doesn't, it might result in her developing post-traumatic stress disorder."

When asked what would cause young girls to resort to physical attacks, Dr Balhetchet said: "For girls, it's all about boyfriends and jealousy. I suspect it has something to do with a love interest or another male."

She added that the bullies also need help.

"The perpetrators need to understand that there are better ways to deal with issues," she said.

"We are living in a civilised society. We are not gangsters or hoodlums.

"If you don't want to receive it, then don't dish it out to others."