Every new flat to be a green one

After the success of Treelodge@Punggol, which was launched in 2007, all new HDB Build-To-Order (BTO) projects from January last year come with a standard suite of eco-friendly features.

Last year, HDB launched 22,455 eco-friendly flats in 31 BTO projects.

A total of 10,913 eco-friendly flats were also launched in 13 earlier housing projects in Punggol.

In total, HDB will roll out 34,000 eco-friendly flats.

A HDB spokesman said: "As HDB flats house over 80 per cent of Singapore's resident population, HDB has a major role to play in supporting the national commitment to sustainable development in HDB towns and estates... Moving forward, every new HDB flat will be a green home, sporting a suite of eco-features."

Some of the features that will be found in every flat:

  • Centralised Chute for Recyclables (CCR) to promote recycling in estates

Compared to the conventional door-to-door collection method, the CCR is a more efficient and convenient way for residents to contribute to recycling efforts.

  • Eco-pedestals to all baths/WCs of flats to promote the water recycling

This is an integrated wash basin-toilet pedestal system, which allows water used for hand-washing to be re-directed to the pedestal cistern for the next flush, thus allowing greywater recycling.

  • LED lighting with motion sensor control at common areas, such as staircases
  • Re-generative lifts to reduce the energy consumption of common facilities

The system taps on the braking and motions of the lift and converts them into energy for other uses, such as lighting in common areas or other lifts.

  • Rainwater harvesting system to store rainwater for washing of common areas