How these policies work

So what determines the price of the insurance policy?

For Pacific Insurance Brokers, this figure is calculated based on factors such as the wedding budget, venue, programme and number of guests.

Mr Damian Yong, its content manager, adds that another factor is whether the package includes a non-appearance clause.

This clause typically covers cancellations due to the couple, their parents or their children falling ill.


The premium goes up if the couple decides to have more guests insured for not being able to show up because of an illness.

Pacific Insurance Brokers' starter $450 package even covers the cost incurred if the couple's wedding attire - whether it is owned or rented - is damaged.

The policy includes coverage for one outfit each for a bridesmaid and groomsman, wedding gifts, and financial losses as a result of a cancellation or postponement of the wedding.

The package also includes deposits paid to suppliers.

Mr Yong says: "If the caterer suddenly fails to show up and the couple is able to find a replacement caterer at the last minute, the policy will cover the cost incurred in hiring the new caterer.

"If the caterer doesn't show up but a non-refundable deposit has already been paid, the insurance policy reimburses the couple for that deposit.

"It either reimburses the supplier deposit or the extra cost."

He also cites other unforseen instances that could postpone the wedding.

"Take for example if the wedding is held at a hotel and the stage suddenly falls in and it cannot be replaced on time, so the couple have to postpone or cancel the wedding. The wedding insurance then covers the cancellation costs," says Mr Yong.

NTUC income started offering wedding insurance in 2002 but it has since been discontinued.