VIDEO Close shave as out-of-control car narrowly misses pedestrians

This dramatic video shows two pedestrians' narrow escape from getting hit by a car that went out of control in a town in Manchester.

They were literally seconds from disaster and can count...

A Ford F-350 truck.

Driver who hit pedestrians says truck was 'possessed'

Here's a novel excuse for a traffic accident: Blaming it on supernatural powers controlling your vehicle.

That's what one guy in Bellingham, Washington, did. 

Dustin Frederick Brown...

The Rock's mother and cousin were involved in a serious car accident after a drunk driver collided into them last week.

The Rock's mother and cousin survive serious car accident

Dwayne Johnson revealed that his mum and cousin, WWE Diva Savelina "Lina" Fanene,(below) were involved in a...

Watch flying jetski as it narrowly misses woman's head

A woman posing for a photo on a jetski at a Bahamas beach narrowly escaped getting hit in the head by another jetski, which came flying at her.

You can see it all in a video which a...

Screenshot from a news report showing the damage after the man lit up a cigarette inside a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

Man dies after smoking in oxygen chamber

A 65-year-old man was killed in a Guangdong, China, hospital when he lit up a cigarette while inside a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

Mr Liu Hong was undergoing treatment in the chamber for a...

Biker so lucky to survive BKE accident

One minute he was heading home on his motorcycle, the next he was in shock and lying on the expressway.

Unable to see through his swollen eyes, he could taste blood in his mouth and feel...

A woman survived a brush with death after an axe flew off the back of a lorry into the windscreen of the car behind it.

Near miss for woman after axe smashes through windscreen

A woman passenger had a brush with death after an axe crashed through the windscreen of the car she was in.

The car was trailing behind a landscaper's lorry on Route 95 of the Topsfield,...

Cyclist flies through air, lands on feet after being hit by car

A car collided with a bicycle, sending the cyclist flying through the air.

Amazingly, the rider landed on the car, slid down the bonnet and landed on his feet.

The cyclist had just...

Shocking footage of hot air balloon crashing into powerlines

A hot-air balloon in Massachusetts caused panic on Saturday (July 19) when it crashed into an overheard power line.

According to local news channel KTLA 5, the hot-air balloon attempted to...

Firefighters and policemen work next to a burnt out bus and two trucks after an explosion and a fire following a traffic accident, at a section of the Hukun highway in Shaoyang.

Fiery road accident in China kills 38

An early morning accident in the southern Chinese province of Hunan has killed at 38 people, with at least five injured.

Xinhua news agency reported that a freight van containing flammable...