Witnesses said people at the scene helped lift the tree off the mother who had sustained injuries to her head. File photo of pregnant woman

Baby born after pregnant Hong Kong woman killed by falling tree

Doctors conducted an emergency caesarian to deliver the baby of a pregnant woman who was killed by a falling tree in Hong Kong on Thursday.

The tree struck the woman, knocking her...

Nine month old Keelan-John Owen Martson suffers from Laryngeal Cleft disease and survived seven heart attacks.

Baby survives seven heart attacks and 20-minute death

He's only nine months old.

Yet baby Keelan-John Owen-Marston has come back from the brink of death not once but seven times.

He has a condition so rare (Laryngeal cleft, which fuses...

Father viciously attacked newborn son, nearly killed him

In the eyes of children, their father is not human. He is a hero.

But John Davis is neither. He is a monster.

The 30-year-old man viciously attacked his three-week-old baby one...

A man only remembered leaving his 10-month-old foster daughter behind after seeing a crying child on Game of Thrones.

Watching Game of Thrones reminded dad: 'I left baby in the car'

He only remembered his 10-month-old foster daughter when he saw a baby crying on the HBO...

Igor Vorozhbitsyn's ringtone of Justin Bieber's Baby saved him from a potentially fatal bear attack.

How Justin Bieber saved this Russian fisherman's life from bear attack

What do Orlando Bloom and a bear have in common?

Well, they apparently both think that Justin Bieber is un-bearable (pun most definitely intended).

The 20-year-old popstar's 2010 hit...

Ill pit bull's licks make baby giggle non-stop

Pit bulls aren't known to be the most loving of dogs. 

But, in a new viral video, a pit bull pet proves it has a loving side when the three-year-old puppy, Gemma, covers a 10-month-old baby...

Dog apologises to baby for stealing toy

Prepare to be awwww-ed.

Charlie the dog or "Charlie Da Dog", to go by his street name, felt...

Japanese politician proposes giving newlyweds pierced condoms

How to counter the dwindling birth rate in Japan?

One politician has suggested distributing deliberately punctured condoms to married couples.

His bizarre proposal has, quite rightly...

Nick Lachey tweets unborn baby's gender in a cute pic

The host of VH1's Big Morning Buzz and his wife are expecting their second child. 

Yes, you heard that right. Nick Lachey, 40, and his wife, Vanessa Lachey, 33, a US TV personality and...

One-year-old Kimberly Gordon was in her mother's womb when she was struck by lightning and had to be delivered in an emergency c-section. A year later, she is healthy but has hair that stands up.

Baby who survived lightning strike has hair that stands

This baby survived a lightning strike, and has the hair to prove it. 

One-year-old Kimberly Gordon's parents were struck by lightning a year ago in New Mexico when mother Kendra Villanueva ...