Dads die in traffic accidents before babies are born

At the left upper side of the cot sits a photo frame with a picture of herself and her husband.

Madam Siti Mariam Ishak, 29, puts it there so that from Day 1, their newborn will know what...

Father bit baby girl on forehead, shook and hit her till she died

A deep cut to the liver. Five rib fractures. Bleeding on the brain and eyes. Bruises and abrasions on the body. Two bite marks on the head.

These are the injuries a two-month-old baby girl...

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes had their first baby girl last Friday according to US Weekly. Though we know nothing else (except that maybe this child might just be the most gorgeous person in the future), someone has taken it upon themselves to do something

Twitter account for Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes' baby girl?

Talk about one of the cutest Twitter accounts ever created!

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes had their...

Proud father Corey Lynn Griffith filmed the surprise birth of his baby in the car.

Proud and excited dad films baby's surprise birth in a car

It was clear that this baby girl wanted to make a grand entrance into the world.

Mother Diamond Jones and her boyfriend Corey Lynn Griffith were...

Elizabeth Ting, a Facebook user, posted a heartbreaking video telling the story of how she lost her newborn baby

Help this grieving mother fulfil her birthday wish, if you can

Women dream of the day when they can hold their newborn in their arms.

But for Facebook ...

Baby girl dies of heat stroke after dad leaves her in car while he plays video games

He loves playing video games.

Tragically, the habit cost a Taiwanese man his five-month-old daughter's life.

His wife had left the baby with him as she was not feeling well, Nanyang...

Mum allegedly dumps day-old baby in neighbour's trash bin

Why would a mother dump her day-old newborn in the bin?

That's what Utah woman, Alicia Marie Englert did last month.

She told police she was afraid to tell her parents about the...

Posed picture of a pregnant woman.

Woman swims to hospital to give birth

A pregnant woman swam through a river from her village to a hospital in Bangalore, India, where she gave birth to a baby boy, Malaysia Nanban reported.

Ms Yellavva Balappa Gaddige’s efforts...

Claudio Vieira de Oliveira, 37, defied all odds with in spite of his rare condition and became an accountant and a motiavtional speaker.

Baby with upside-down head is now a motivational speaker

Doctors told her to let her baby starve to death because he was born with a rare condition called congenital arthrogryposis.

As a result, his limbs were severely deformed. He also had an...

Power couple Shakira and Gerard Pique are having baby number 2!

Power couple Shakira and Gerard Pique are expecting their second child!

The Colombian singer, whose full name is Shakira Mebarak, confirmed the news to Cosmopolitan Mexico and posted on...