One dead, one injured after car rams into tree in early morning mishap

He died after the car he was in slammed into a tree yesterday (March 7) morning.

But his identity has yet to be confirmed by the authorities.

Another man, Clauson Oliver Dee Thomas...

An iCar to match your iPhone?

It has created phones, iPods, iPhones, iPads  iWatches and now there is the possibility of an iCar. 

Apple employees are said to be tasked with secretly...

Son locked in car but M'sia mum refuses to break window till she gets $76

What would you do if your son was locked inside a car?

A mother in Sabah kept calm. She didn't panic.

Instead, the woman whose child was locked inside her running vehicle, ...

The Smart tunnel is a regular motorway when there are no storms or floods.

Briton killed in Kuala Lumpur Smart Tunnel car crash

A British visitor, travelling to Kuala Lumpur from Seremban with his Malaysian friend, was killed when their car crashed into a wall of the Smart  Tunnel in the city on Sunday (Dec 21)


Is business rivalry behind car vandalism?

Is business rivalry the reason for a vandalism attack on a car workshop in Redhill?

The people who work there think so. They believe that in an industry saturated with small players,...

Customers paid Volks Auto at least $2.5m in deposits for cars

As more people come forward to claim that they had been cheated by Volks Auto, the total amount of deposits believed to have been paid to the car dealership has reached a staggering $2.5 million...

Give me back my Bentley, says owner of luxury car stuck in locked Volks Auto showroom

The luxurious Bentley sits in the showroom's window for all to see, but no one can touch it, not even its owner.

Not for now, at least.

The New Paper understands that the car owner...

40 car buyers look for missing dealer in showroom showdown: 'This is worse than Jover Chew'

He thought he got a steal of an early Christmas gift for his father - a brand new car.

But yesterday, all Mr Kenny Lim, 36, got was a rude shock.

He had put a deposit on the car he...

Car skids, hits tree in Yishun

A car skidded, hit a tree and scraped another before coming to a stop on a pavement near Block 702, Yishun Ring Road.

The accident happened at around 6pm on Tuesday, Chinese daily Lianhe...

Man hangs on to moving car for 5km

It may look like a scene from a movie, but what happened to Mr Haresh Govindaraju was no stunt.

It was the most terrifying ride of his life as he clung to a moving car, slumped against the...