A video showing a man kicking a cat has sparked outrage online.

Shocking! Man kicks a cat and sends it flying into the air

A video showing a young man kicking a cat has sparked outrage online. 

The act...

Cat forms unlikely friendship with lynx in zoo

Don't be surprised if you see a cat in the lynx enclosure at the St Petersburg Zoo in Russia. The tiny feline belongs there.

No, the zoo keepers ...

A wild cat, unlike the cuddly one pictured above. brought hell on an elderly British couple last week after jumping into the house - wrecking antiques, defecating on the floor and biting one of the homeowners.

Crazed cat terrorises elderly couple in two-day ordeal

Not all cats are cute and cuddly, as this devil cat proved. 

The wild feline jumped into an...

Firefighters save cat using tiny oxygen mask

When firefighters went inside a home in Columbia, South Carolina, they found a cat.

It was unresponsive, but the men were prepared with a pet oxygen mask, ...

US singer Taylor Swift is a "middle-aged woman trapped in a 24-year-old’s body", says English song-writer Ed Sheeran.

Swift a 'middle-aged woman trapped in a 24-year-old's body'

Taylor Swift may feel "22" at times, but according to Ed Sheeran, it's not a common occurrence, reported Time.

In the MTV documentary 9 Days and Nights of Ed Sheeran, he revealed that Swift...