File photo of cyclists at the Tour of Columbia. Because the flesh-coloured kit is sort of NSFW.

UCI: Flesh-coloured cycling kit 'unacceptable'

A Columbian women's cycling team kit was so controversial, it caused Facebook to freak out over our initial post and forced us to take it down from our site.

Now, the International Cycling...

A very odd fashion choice for the Colombian women's cycling team.

Wait, are these cyclists naked? No, it's just the jersey design

Erm, who let these cyclists out?

The Colombian women's cycling team were seen sporting jerseys with a... strategically placed flesh...

Ride and fight: Duelling cyclists disqualified as Alberto Contador win

Professional cyclists have been known to get quite competitive while on the saddle, but this video shows that sometimes, the heat of competition can result in outright violence.


Cyclists pose along Tour de France route in lingerie for charity

Women cyclists in the UK traded their Lycra for silk and lace in a bid to raise money for charity.

The Cappuccino Cycling Club cyclists posed in lingerie ​at 14 places along the Tour de...