Tourist accidentally kills 73-year-old woman at Great Wall of China

A Canadian woman was running down the steps at the Great Wall of China when she knocked into a 73-year-old Chinese woman.

The elderly woman hit her head on the wall and fell unconscious....

Lee Kuan Yew's legacy is your life

Mr Lee Kuan Yew's take on death was typically Harryesque: "Life is better than death," he once said.

"But death comes eventually to everyone."

His eventuality arrived on Monday, at 3...

Mum disobeys traffic cops, rides motorbike into lorry's path & causes son's death

The policemen told her to stop.

But an impatient mother defied their order and paid a terrible price: She ended up causing her three-year-old son's death.

The tragedy happened on...

Boy, 7, chokes to death after eating banana fritters

A seven-year-old boy in Taman Austin Perdana, Johor Baru choked to death on a banana fritter on Sunday (March 8).

His mother, Madam Ong Kai Yun, had dropped off the boy called Shao Ming at...

Baby dies in freak stroller accident

The four-month-old baby was in a stroller when his 21-month-old cousin pushed it, causing it to fold and fall to the ground.

After the fall, the baby did not cry and appeared to be fine....

Boy, 5, accidentally shoots nine-month-old brother dead

"I'm sorry, Mom. I shot Corbin."

Just moments before, 26-year-old Alexis Wiederholt had been holding her 9-month-old son in her arms.

As she went to the kitchen, she heard a loud pop...

Boy, 5, falls 13 storeys to his death after being left alone in new home

The family had only been living at the new apartment for a month when tragedy struck.

Five-year-old Muhammad Alif Hamizan Abdul Khalid, is believed to have fallen 13 storeys after trying to...

Headmaster of M'sia school dies after collapsing on stage during farewell ceremony

The headmaster of a Perak school collapsed on stage during his farewell ceremony on Tuesday.

Mr Cheah Hock Hin officially retired on Jan 13, his 60th birthday, but had decided to work for a...

Villagers dig out a motorcycle buried in the mud after a landslide hit the village of Sampang in Banjarnegara, December 13, 2014 in this photo taken by Antara Foto.

80 people still missing after Indonesian landslide, death toll rises


Rescuers searching for more than 80 people missing after a landslide in Indonesia deployed bulldozers and excavators on Sunday to battle their way through roads strewn with debris to the...

New York man's widow in no mood to accept police officer's apology

"Hell, no."

That was the reaction of Mrs Esaw Garner, widow of Mr Eric Garner, when asked whether she will accept an apology from the police officer.

Mr Garner, 43, died in July...