A video still from a promotional video for the ELF VR drone.

Move over selfie sticks - selfie drones are swooping in to take over!

Good news, selfie stick haters: That annoying rod could become a thing of the past.

But here's the bad news: Selfie drones are getting ready to replace them.

That's right. Inventors ...

This man can hear Wi-Fi

Science writer Frank Swain, 32, was diagnosed with early onset of hearing loss when he was in his 20s. 

When given his first pair of hearing aids in 2012, Frank was inspired to hack it...

WATCH: Jet-powered bus can reach blurry speeds of up to 590kmh

Reaching blistering speeds of up to 590kmh, this jet-powered bus can take any school kid to their destination on time. 

Dubbed "School Time", the supersonic bus is a custom built creation...

113-year-old woman joins Facebook... she had to lie about her age to sign up

Her age may be listed as 99 on Facebook, but this US woman is actually a whopping 113. 

Why the bizarre deception? Because the social network deemed her too old to sign up.


Watch how scientists capture sound - with a camera

You might want to be careful about what you say in the future - someone could be listening to your conversation via a harmless looking piece of trash on the floor.

A bunch of scientists...

A new app by a Swedish tech start-up called GoCam allows users to trigger photos and videos using hand gestures.

Here's a cool app for single-handed selfies

Tired of awkward two-handed selfies? 

A Swedish tech company has created an app that lets you...