Taufik Batisah video sparks hilarious parodies

On his way to meet his fans to break fast during Ramadan on July 25, Singaporean singer Taufik Batisah posted an Instagram video, asking his fans where they were.

While his first...

Trend alert! Bizarre cavity pose to make your face look smaller

Holding your hand to your cheek and looking like you have cavities is apparently a very attractive pose - that is, if you are in Japan.


虫歯みたいなポーズになった( ^_^)/~~~虫歯はゼロです( ^_^)/~~~...

A Sharknado 2 'sh-torm' has hit Twitter

You heard that right...the "sh-torm" arrived last night.  

Sharknado's sequel, The Second One, became the top trending subject on Twitter during its television premiere on on SyFy channel...