Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes had their first baby girl last Friday according to US Weekly. Though we know nothing else (except that maybe this child might just be the most gorgeous person in the future), someone has taken it upon themselves to do something

Twitter account for Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes' baby girl?

Talk about one of the cutest Twitter accounts ever created!

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes had their...


Soon, you can buy stuff directly from Twitter

Twitter on Monday began testing “buy buttons” that let people make purchases directly from marketing posts fired off at the globally popular one-to-many messaging service.

The move comes as...

Twitter helps authorities find sources of food poisoning

When Chicago health officials saw Twitter users complaining about local food poisoning episodes, they reached out on Twitter to those users and often ended up charging the restaurant in question...

Twitter bosses step up action against trolls after Robin Williams hoax photo

Earlier this week, Robin Williams daughter Zelda Williams announced that she was taking a break from social media after two Internet trolls...

Twitterverse envious of JLo's bootylicious single cover

Twitter has been jealous of that sexy Latina booty since Jennifer Lopez's seductive new single cover was posted on her Twitter page on Wednesday (Aug 13).


Robin Williams, not Robbie Williams

Some people saw Robin Williams and thought Robbie Williams. 

And they took to social media to convey their condolences to the wrong person.

The US actor-comedian Robin Williams had...

A man launched a Twitter campaign to find a girl he met on a plane.

Man uses Twitter hashtags to find girl he met on a plane

​Like the plot of a yet-to-be-made modern romantic comedy, this man found...

Gaza kid dons garbage bag-jacket pretending to be journalist

This image of a Gaza kid has taken cyberspace by storm after a Swedish radio correspondent posted a picture of the boy pretending to be a journalist.

Johan-Matthias Sommarstrom bumped into...

A Sharknado 2 'sh-torm' has hit Twitter

You heard that right...the "sh-torm" arrived last night.  

Sharknado's sequel, The Second One, became the top trending subject on Twitter during its television premiere on on SyFy channel...

Paramount Pictures Australia tweeted a TMNT poster with its September 11 release date and this upset many people.

Facepalm: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' 9/11 poster gaffe

Paramount Pictures is the latest organisation that failed to follow the 'Think before you tweet' rule.

Its Australian account...