Bad taste? Posh UK club to hold Ebola-themed Halloween party

A famous club in England is under fire for its plans to throw a Ebola-themed Halloween party.


Queen Elizabeth sends her first tweet during a visit to open the Information Age exhibition at the Science Museum in London.

Queen Elizabeth tweets for the first time ... and gets trolled within minutes


It is a pleasure to open the Information Age exhibition today at the @ScienceMuseum and I hope people will enjoy visiting. Elizabeth R....

Feeling woolly-headed yet? Hungry sheep gobble up $8k worth of narcotics

A flock of sheep enjoyed an expensive - and illegal - lunch in England.

Their chow of choice? Cannabis plants worth thousands of pounds.

The marijuana, which had been packed into...

UK parliament votes 'Yes' on symbolic motion to recognise Palestine

British lawmakers voted on Monday (Oct 13) to recognise Palestine as a state, a move that will not alter government policy, but carries symbolic value as Palestinians pursue international...

Prince William to become an air ambulance pilot

Britain’s Prince William is going to be an air ambulance pilot. Crazy news, we know.

We're almost tempted to fake an injury for the chance to be flown around by royalty.

The Duke of...

British surfers Matt Stanley and Andrew Flounders were doing their thing off the north-east coast of England when a baby seal decided to tag along for the ride.

Watch what happens when a baby seal goes surfing

What happens when a seal tags along with a pair of British surfer dudes off the north-east coast of England?

Matthew Stanley and Andrew Flounders were enjoying the waves off Amble in...

Police smash window to rescue baby left in hot car

A mother left her six-month-old baby in the car while she went shopping at a mall in Wales.

Passers-by spotted the little girl in the vehicle at Parc Morfa shopping centre's open air car...

Student kept university education a secret from mum

We can't imagine a happier birthday surprise for mum than this.

For the past four years, Mr Liam Blair's mother thought he was in Perth working odd-jobs such as a fish factory worker.


Teacher whips out knife and threatens to kill student in classroom joke

A teacher in the UK put a pupil in a headlock, whipped out a knife and put it to the 12-year-old's throat.

He then threatened to kill the the boy for giving the wrong answer during a...

A study showed that happier couples sleep in the nude.

Sleep naked for happy marriage - poll

A UK study has suggested a new secret to a happy marriage - sleeping naked with your partner.

Cotton USA polled 1,004 Britons and found that ...